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Water-Borne Infections and How to Avoid Them With Pool Chemicals

Swimming is a fun activity that people of all ages will surely enjoy. However, swimming pools are also a perfect breeding ground for bacterias that can cause water-borne diseases. Therefore, whether it is a public recreational swimming pool or a private residential pool, you should take extra precautionary measures to avoid these diseases.

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7 Benefits of Variable Speed Pool Pump

There are three different types of a pool pump that pool owners like yourself can use. However, one will always be a better option than the others. This option is the variable speed pool pump. There are so many reasons why pool experts mostly recommend this type of pool pump.

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Things to Ask a Pool Service Company Before Hiring

Nowadays, there are so many pool service companies that choosing who you will trust to maintain your pool becomes a difficult task. What you must know is that not all pool service companies offer quality service. Or, if they do, they might not be what you are looking for.

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Reasons Why You Need to Learn How to Swim

If you have a pool at home, everyone in your home should learn how to swim. Learning how to swim should be on top of your to-do list once your pool is ready to use after construction. Moreover, if you have kids at home, it is best that they too can learn how to swim.

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Pool Repair: The Most Common Repairs

Pool repair is inevitable, and every pool owner should expect to encounter this throughout the lifespan of their pools. However, different repairs can be encountered over time, some can be a common occurrence, but some can be seldomly encountered by many. 

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Tips On How To Choose The Right Pool Cover

A pool cover is one of the most important pool accessories that you must have. This accessory will keep your pool safe, secure, and protected from different elements. If you live in the United States, particularly in Arizona, it is best to invest in a pool cover.

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How Long Does Each Type of Pool Last?

How long your swimming pool will last is important in ensuring that you will never constantly spend on pool replacement. There are different types of swimming pools available, and each of them has its respective lifespan.

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