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How to and How Often to Clean Cartridge Filter

How to and How Often to Clean Cartridge Filter

If you are using a cartridge filter or your swimming pool, you must know the proper way of maintaining it. You should know when to clean it and how to do it. A cartridge filter is an excellent type of filter, especially if you maintain it the way it should be maintained.

Aside from making sure you know how to replace your cartridge filter, you should also know how to clean cartridge filter properly. So, here is a step-by-step guide you can use to help you clean cartridge filter on your own.

How to Clean Your Cartridge Filter

Here is a step-by-step guide you can follow on how to clean your cartridge filter. 

Step 1

Ensure your pool pump is turned off. This step is vital, especially if you have an automatic pool pump. You do not want your pump to turn on when you are doing the cleaning. 

Step 2

Relieve the pressure from the pool filter by releasing the air valve. You can locate the air valve on top of the pool filter. Once done, locate the drain plug at the bottom of the filter and remove it to drain the filter completely. 

Step 3 

Turn the locking knob counterclockwise until the top of the filter is loose and removable to gain access to the filter cartridges. 

To loosen the clamp around the filter on many filters, you’ll need a wrench. A 9/16″ socket is required for a Jandy cartridge filter, while a 5/8″ socket is required for a Hayward cartridge filter. After loosening this clamp, you can remove the bolt and the C-clamp to gain access to the filter cartridge for removal and cleaning.

Step 4

Remove the cartridge filter’s top.

Step 5 

Remove the cartridge filters from the filter body inside by lifting them straight up. Depending on the size of the filter associated with your pool, cartridge filters typically have 1 or 4 filter cartridges.

Step 6

Place the cartridge filters in the cleaning area that you want to clean. Clean the filters with a full spray nozzle until they are as clean as possible. 

It is critical to begin at the top of the cartridge and work your way down, usually by rotating the cartridge, to ensure a thorough clean (rinsing between the folds of the cartridge from top to bottom). 

It is critical not to use a pressure washer because a high-pressure nozzle can damage the pleated folds of the filter and cause unnecessary wear/damage to the cartridges themselves.

Step 7 

clean cartridge filter

When you’re finished cleaning your cartridges, place them straight down onto the filter’s support, which is located at the bottom of the filter. 

On the majority of cartridge filters, the manifold assembly that holds and supports the cartridges on top must be installed. Make sure the manifold assembly is connected to the white outlet tube when installing it on top of the filter.

Step 8

To ensure a proper fit, ensure the filter O-ring is sitting flush in the filter canister channel and remove any debris that may be located around the O-ring itself.

Step 9

Slowly reinstall the top of the filter, trying to make sure that the O-ring has not moved during the method.

Step 10

Tighten the bolt after installing the filter clamp (if needed). Before tightening the bolt, it is common practice to tap the clamp with a mallet to ensure a snug fit.

Step 11

Tighten the locking knob or use a ratchet and a socket of the appropriate size to tighten the locking bolt. Do not forget not to tighten too much.

Step 12

Restart the filter pump and re-pressurize the equipment pad. Before closing the air relief valve, ensure that the air relief valve is still open to allow all air out of the filter.

When water starts to spray out of the valve, you can close it. You should hear air hissing out just before the water starts to shoot out of the relief valve before closing.

Step 13

Check the pressure gauge to ensure that your filter pressure is between 8 and 15 PSI, which is the recommended level.

How Often Should You Clean Your Cartridge Filter

clean cartridge filter

“How often should we clean our pool’s filter cartridge?” is the most commonly asked question by our clients. Typically, we recommend cleaning the filter cartridges of your swimming pool every three months to extend its life and boost pool filtration and water flow.

But you must also need to consider the surrounding of your swimming pool. If there are many trees around, you should clean your pool cartridge filter more frequently than normal 

Moreover, you should also consider your pool’s filter cartridge pressure reading. The normal reading should be between 8-15 PSI. Once you notice an increase in pressure, you should immediately clean your filter. 

You might as well check the pressure on your coming out from your return jets. Once it decreases, it is another clear sign that you need to replace your cartridge filter. 

It is also best if you contact the swimming pool service and repair az for cleaning or any repair needs of your cartridge filter. It will make you feel confident that the filter was cleaned and repaired correctly. 

To Sum It Up

By following the said timing of when you clean your cartridge filter and how to do it, you can assure that your filter will be well taken care of. You can ensure that it will last longer and will not experience any damages anytime soon. 

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