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Steps in Replacing Your Pool Filter Cartridge

Pool Filter Cartridge

Steps in Replacing Your Pool Filter Cartridge

Most pool owners realize that they need to replace their pool cartridge filter after a long period of cleaning, but it may depend on how long the cartridges have been used before you change it. If you notice that you need to clean your pool cartridge filter now and then it is an indication to replace your filter. 

Pool owners always kept records of every cleaning of the pool cartridge filters to easily determine the period of replacement. Monitoring your pool cartridge filters performance and doing the cleaning routine will help upkeep your pool as clean as possible, and to give support to lengthen the life of your pool cartridge filter.

However, it is very important to know the different types of pool cartridge filters that best fit your pool and to be equipped with the procedures on how to clean and replace filters in the future. 

Another thing in changing a pool cartridge is to secure the complete materials or tools that you need during the process. Ensure that the sizes of your tools and other materials are in the correct measurements.

When the Pool Cartridges It’s Time to Replace

Replacing pool cartridges will depend on the usage of your pool, but to be safe it is better to change your pool cartridge every year.

Furthermore, there are different indicators you should know when the pool cartridge filter is time to replace.

  • When you notice that your swimming pool is no longer good-looking or crystal clear and a lot of particles were not able to be removed from the water. 
  • If the pressure gauge of the filter reaches the above normal level and does not return to its recommended level after the cartridge has been clean and rinsed.
  • When your cartridge requires frequent cleaning. It means you need to replace your cartridge once the cleaning period goes beyond the usual cleaning time. 
  • While cleaning the cartridge filter, observe some changes in the color. If constant-dark spots occur, it means the filter is sodden with oil.
  • When the pool water becomes cloudy or green, even if the filter is cleaned regularly it is time to change your cartridge filter with a new one.
  • When the plastic end caps show some signs of damage, it’s time to replace your cartridge filter right away.

Here are the step-by-step procedures on how to replace your pool filter cartridges. 

Acquire Components

Pool Filter Cartridge

First, you need to acquire all the things you need. You must have adapters available to be used when it is required.

However, replacing filters is expensive, especially the installation. Most pool owners purchase cartridge filters online because it is quite cheaper compared to purchasing the filters locally. 

Another thing that you need to consider aside from the price is the brand. Choosing genuine filters is vital, as it ensures the quality of the product you install.

Remove Old Filter

First, ensure the pump is turned off and will not automatically turn on during the replacement process through its timer. Use a sharp cutting tool to cut the old pipe. 

Next, it is required to detach the old oil to an enclosed structure or boiler that produces heat. Be cautious since there is some water in the system that you need to drain out and remove the collar from the filter.

Furthermore, do not allow the height of the current pipes to toss, instead, trim it down properly. Lastly, once done cutting the pipe into desired measurements, it is time to disconnect the old filter. It is advised to remove the cartridge filter to prevent damage during the process.

Rough-In New Filter

Once done removing the old filter, it is now time to install the new filter. Make sure to check the input and return the filter to the proper line position. Also, ensure the lid is properly closed and sealed. Next, cut the PVC. You can use a ruler to measure and check the alignment of the pipe.

Furthermore, clean both sides of the coupling by rubbing it with sandpaper to achieve smoothness of the pipe. You need to test it first before applying a paste to confirm the pipe is properly aligned.

Fine Tune and Glue the Cartridge

In this step, make small adjustments to fit in the filter. If you are content with the fit, start to fill in and glue it generously. Then, if it is done glued together, allow it to dry based on the recommended time indicated on the glue’s instruction. 

Moreover, you may also wrap with plumbers tape 7 to 10 times on the threaded sides of the coupling. Make sure not to tighten too much upon wrapping. Afterward, you may now fire up the pump and perform pressure testing to ensure no leaks occur. Also, double-check that no fallen debris and particles are coming inside the pipe during testing.

Important Tip:

Pool Filter Cartridge

Examine your pool cartridge filter every cleaning session. Check for any leaks, holes, and tears. If you notice any disorders of your cartridge this is an indicator that it requires replacement.

In addition, using cartridge filters for your swimming pool is the finest idea, because it does not need any professional help to handle the cleaning or even the replacement. Just bear in mind, if you do some testing or checking with your cartridge filter, see to it the bolts are also clean because eventually it will turn into rust and it is very strenuous in removing the filter. 

Moreover, to have better performance, you must ensure a regular cleaning and replacement period of your pool cartridge filter. 

For an easy replacement for your pool cartridge filters check the part number, brand, and dimension as well. In this way, you can save time and effort. You can also follow the above step-by-step procedures to help you to keep your swimming pool very clean and maintain healthy and safe water for all swimmers.

It is also advised to contact a professional to do the replacement for you like the arizona pool cleaning service. This way you can be assured that your cartridge will be replaced properly. 

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