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7 Best Cartridge Filter For Pool

Cartridge Filter for pool

7 Best Cartridge Filter For Pool

If you own a swimming pool you must know that cleaning is vital. No matter what the size of your pool, maintaining clean and fresh pool water is the most crucial thing to do. Do this to keep your pool clean and safe all the time. Keeping your pool stunning can impress all swimmers. Additionally, it is also an indication that your pool is clean. 

Most pool owners and professional pool cleaners opt to purchase cartridge pool filters to lessen their maintenance load. Cartridge pool filters use a filtration system that can filter even the smallest particles and substances from the pool water. 

If you are looking to use a cartridge filter for your pool, here are the different kinds of cartridge pool filters that best fit your swimming pool.

Hayward XStream CC1500

Hayward XStream cartridge pool filter can cover a wide area of the swimming pool. It has a wide filter body to filter a large volume of dirt and debris. 

In addition, it also has dynamic filtering cycles to increase efficiency. These cartridges are designed particularly for above-ground pool filtration. Furthermore, it is built for easy use with flexible plumbing. 

The XStream cartridge filter has advantages and disadvantages that you should consider when using it.


  • Quiet and efficient
  • Includes one cartridge filter
  • Easy to install, change, and clean the cartridge


  • Doesn’t come with the coupling needed to attach a motor to the filter

Hayward W3C4030 SwimClear Cartridge Pool Filter

Cartridge Filter for pool

Hayward Swimclear provides excellent filtration and hydraulic performance, which helps lessen the cost of operation. The materials used are durable enabling them to meet the demand, the strong application, and environmental conditions. 

Furthermore, this type of cartridge has a heavy-duty, single-piece flange clamp that is tamper-proof and securely fastens the tank. It allows quick access to all internal components. Also, this cartridge does not need backwashing during cleaning. 

Moreover, the Hayward cartridge filter also has advantages and disadvantages of its own that you should consider when using it.


  • It comes fully assembled with four cartridges
  • Easy 30 minutes installation and no-hassle cleaning
  • Excellent customer service from Hayward


  • The manifold may crack if left in direct sunlight
  • Sub-par packaging

Blue Wave 120-Square Feet Cartridge Filter

Blue Wave Cartridge is a high-powered system that will guarantee years of trouble-free operation. The systems have set a standard of quality, super flow rates, and unmatched water quality. 

Furthermore, it permits your pump to function less while maintaining clean water. Also, inside the filter tanks are large filter elements that supply water quality to sand without backwashing. 

Because of the size, the filter element needs a minimum of cleaning to ensure it is convenient for your use.

Again, the blue wave cartridge filter has its advantages and disadvantages that you should consider. 


  • The system is easy to put together
  • Easy to store during the offseason
  • Easy cleaning of filter


  • Likely the pump will fail
  • Doesn’t have an on and off switch

Pentair 160316 Clean & Clear Cartridge Pool Filter

Cartridge Filter for pool

Pentair Clean and Clear Cartridge Filter are made with easy spin-on unions for quick hookups and service. It also has a durable body tank that is chemical-resistant for a longer lifespan. The cartridge has less work and is easy to clean. 

So, here are the Pentair clean and clear cartridge filter’s advantages and disadvantages that you should consider when using this filter.


  • Easy to install
  • Reasonable price
  • One cartridge


  • The PSI gauge is not as durable relative to other components
  • Possible damages may occur during shipping

Intex 28633EG Krystal Clear 2500 GPH Cartridge Filter

Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter, helps your swimming pool become clear. It enhances the water clarity and augments negative ions in the water. Based on its compatibility, it reaches 15,200 gallons with 1.25 inches diameter of hose fitting. 

Besides, the cartridge is very easy to clean up and it is changeable. Additionally, this kind of cartridge has a pump that is double insulated and also has flush and air release valves. Furthermore, it has an automatic timer with preset 2 to 12 hours of cycles.

Like the others, the Intex Krystal clear cartridge has its set of advantages and disadvantages that you should consider when using this filter.


  • Very light maintenance. Acquire occasional rinse or swap.
  • 2500 GPH pump is very powerful and quiet
  • Quickly cleans the dirty pool


  • Big hoses may not fit smaller pool openings

XtremepowerUS Deluxe Pool Cartridge Filter

XtremepowerUS Deluxe Pool Cartridge Filter for pool

The XtremepowerUS Cartridge Filter is designed for inground swimming pools and spas. It also has excellent features that you might consider. 

The very large cartridge elements with new precision develop can eliminate dirty particles down to 10 to 15 microns in size resulting in crystal clear water after the filtration process. 

When it comes to material, this cartridge is durable and is made of a glass-reinforced copolymer. Accordingly, this filter can work with high pressure to fulfill the demands of the strong application and environmental conditions.

The advantages and disadvantages of the XtremepowerUS cartridge are:


  • Remarkable filtering capacity
  • Durable
  • Easy to detached
  • The color is fashionable


  • Frequent maintenance is needed 

Pentair PNCC0100 Clean & Clear Cartridge Pool Filter

The Pentair Clean and Clear Cartridge are associated with a dependable horsepower Pentair optical pump in its package. This filter is designed to function well with a single-speed pump.

Its large filter surface will allow debris, and other particles down to 20 microns in size to be captured. Added to this, it helps you to minimize your time in cleaning patterns.

Moreover, the union set of 2 inches will support the filter for easy installation and maximize the water flow of rates that passes the filter. The filtering system is well structured, manageable, and guarantees you adept filtration and hassle-free. 

Now, the Pentair clean and clear cartridge advantages and disadvantages that you need to consider are.


  • It is high performance. 
  • The pump is changeable
  • Has maximum filtration area
  • Easy to install and operate


  • Does not have any damage records from the products

Having cartridge pool filters is the best idea when you want to own a swimming pool. So, dealing with cartridges will not only give you clean and sparkling pool water but it lessens your maintenance cost in the future. 

Furthermore, cartridge filters could help you eliminate substances, debris, or even tiny particles that can cause water contamination. It will shorten your time cleaning your pool, especially for those with large pool sizes.

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