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How to Bleed Out Air In Pool Filter Tank

air in pool filter tank

How to Bleed Out Air In Pool Filter Tank

One of the common problems you will be facing with your pool filter is the air coming inside the equipment. There will be a time that you will notice your filter is not working the way it suppose to be. And when this time comes, you will need to bleed out the air in pool filter tank to ensure it works perfectly.

Here are some reasons why air enters the swimming pool filter and causes it to have problems in priming. Onc

Low Pool Water Level

Your swimming pool water is the one that determines how effectively the skimmer box will clean your swimming pool. If your pool water level will be slightly lower than normal, your skimmer flap won’t open fully when the pump is running.

If this happens, the debris will not be filtered in the skimmer box properly. Hence, if the water gets too low, the skimmer box will only be partially filled with water when the pump starts running. It will then draw air into the plumbing. The air will go to the filter tank and get trapped in there. 

So, remember not to let the skimmer run dry out of water. If you let it happen, you will damage your pump motor. 

Leakage in the Plumbing 

air in pool filter tank

Sometimes, swimming pool plumbing has a tiny leakage that you do not notice which draws the air in the pipes. You can commonly find this leakage on the pipe joiners where the pipe bends on the connector. 

Pump Basket Lid Leak 

Another place where the air might enter the pool filter is through the pump basket lid. This is made out of a clear plastic screw which allows easy access to the pump basket itself. Sometimes the lid is not screwed tightly which provides gaps where air can easily enter. 

Ensure that your lid is tightly screwed all the time. Always check the lid to make it air-tight and to ensure that there will be no air coming in your pump. 

You should also check the rubber gasket for possible wear and tear. The gasket is prone to tiny splits or tears which might need replacement to avoid air penetrating it and into the pump. 

Filter Tank Leak 

A filter tank leak would not cause air to become trapped in the filter, but it will cause water to leak from the filter tank. 

Cartridge filter tanks have a screw-on lid that allows easy removal and cleaning of the filter cartridge. If the lead is not tightly screwed up or the lid seal gasket is worn, a leak may occur. When the seal gasket on a San Filter wears or splits, water can leak.

Vacuuming the Pool 

When connecting the vacuum hose to the skimmer box plate or pipe while vacuuming the pool, you may have inadvertently introduced an air pocket. 

Hold the vacuum hose over an outlet jet with the pump running to expel air from the hose before connecting it. The vacuum hose may have a split or leak where it is exposed to air and draws air into the pump. If the hose is leaking, it is time to replace it.

Multiport Valve Gasket Leakage 

Another reason why air enters your filtration system is a worn gasket seal of the multiport valve. Spray soapy water on the valve while the pump is running. 

Look closely if soap suds draws into the valve a leak is possible. It is best to replace the gasket seal to be sure that there will be no air coming in the swimming pool filter. 

Steps on Bleeding Out Air In Pool Filter Tank

air in pool filter tank

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to bleed air out of your pool filter. You can follow this guide to ensure that you will do the right thing when priming your pool filter. 

Step 1: Run the filter

Check the filter’s pressure gauge while running the filter on the default “Filter” setting. A pressure greater than 10 PSI in a standard-sized pool indicates pressure buildup in the system.

Step 2: Open the Air Relief Valve

Run the filter and open the air relief valve on the filter’s top. It is usually a small handle-like protrusion near the pressure gauge on the top of the filter. 

Keep an ear out for the hiss of air escaping from the valve. Continue to run the filter until water starts leaking out of the air relief valve or the hissing of air stops completely.

Step 3: Close the Air Relief Valve

Turn off the air relief valve. Examine the filter’s pressure gauge reading once more while the filter is still running. 

If high pressure persists, let the filter run for a few moments before reopening the air relief valve to remove any remaining air in the filter. Repeat until the pressure gauge reads less than 10 PSI.

Check Your Filter and Replace if Needed 

You should first check your pump filter and replace all that is damaged and avoid air in pool filter tank filter. It is also best to contact the swimming pool service and repair az to help you identify air leaks and replace the parts that are needed to be replaced. 

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