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We offer services for all your pool need!  If you don’t see what you are looking for, get in touch with us!

Thank you for your interest in our weekly pool service in the East Valley in Chandler AZ.  If you currently clean your own pool or just not happy with your current pool company get in touch with us to see how our great service can keep your pool looking great every day!

We are the best weekly pool cleaning company serving in Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek Arizona.

Our weekly pool service includes the following:

  • Check all equipment that it is working properly and no leaks
  • Empty all baskets
  • Brush
  • Skim
  • Vacuum as needed
  • Backwash as needed (if applicable)
  • check all chemicals
  • Add/Balance chemicals

May new customers contact us because their pool is turning green, equipment is not working right, or their current pool company is not showing up!  Allow us to show you what pool service is supposed to be like!  We can offer all this for your pool on a weekly basis for a low monthly flat rate.  Send us a text, email or give us a call and we can get pool service started right away!


Checking Pool Equipment:

We can service and repair all brands of pool equipment.  Your pool equipment is under pressure for most of the day or night, and equipment can fail.  We take the time at each pool cleaning visit to check your equipment to be sure it is working property, check for leaks or potential issues.  Our goal is to find a minor repair before it becomes a major repair.   It is common for pools in the East Valley to have a pop-up cleaning system.  We take the time to make sure your pop-up gears are working, and each zone and pop-up is functioning correctly


Making sure each and every visit to empty your skimmer basket, leaf catchers and if you have a pool vacuum aka creepy crawler to empty any debris from it too to ensure it is working properly.


Such a simple word, but absolutely critical to keep your pool surface looking great and lasting for years!  Each week when we are cleaning your pool, we will brush the tile and water line, all steps and walls.  We want to help your pools cleaning and filter system by getting all the debris to the main drain (BTW make sure your main drain cover is safe, we can check it and change it out if needed)

Pool Vacuum:

Each one of our pool cleaning technicians has a manual pool vacuum that they can use as needed.  We can get debris that your pools cleaning system won’t pick up and it is especially useful after a monsoon storm for big clean ups!

Backwash Pool Filter:

To keep your Diatomaceous earth (DE) filter and Sand Pool Filters working great and doing there job, we will backwash as needed!  We will monitor the pool cleanliness and filter pressure to determine when we need to backwash. 

Pool Chemicals:

Each time we clean your pool it is critical to check and balance your pool chemistry.  We check your pools chlorine, pH, Total Alkalinity, Cyanuric Acid levels and more.  We want to balance your pools chemical levels each week to make sure it is staying clear and healthy.  There are many factors that can change pool chemicals such as swimmers, weather, environment, lotion, sunscreen, and more. 

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