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Top Reasons Why Cartridge Filters Are So Great

Top Reasons Why Cartridge Filters Are So Great

Cartridge Filters are equipment that can be used in all industries for filtration requirements. It plays an important role because it removes dirt, debris, sediment, tiny particles, and other contaminants. 

Moreover, cartridges are also used in a variety of applications in your swimming pool. The main goal of a cartridge is to filter out even the chlorine or other contaminants found in your pool.

Additionally, there are so many reasons why a cartridge filter is a good option for your pool. Let us go through the benefits a cartridge filter can give you. This way you can ensure that you know what to expect when you use this type of filter.

Benefits of Cartridge Filter

  • Save on water -which means no backwashing is needed that can save the volume of liters per year.
  • Low Maintenance – the good thing about the cartridge is you can clean it once or twice a year or as needed.
  • Easy to install – the plumbing process at this stage is very less because there is no backwashing required.
  • The cartridge filters are normally considered as filtering down to 30 microns. Nevertheless, with this filter, they can filter down to 5 to 10 microns over some time.

Importance of Cartridge Filter

Cartridge Filters Are So Great

Cartridge filters are so great because it is the core of water filter systems that play a major role in the water filtration process. This role is to filter the substance and impurities to supply fresh and clean water.  

Moreover, replacing a cartridge filter is very important. It is because it ensures the filter is running consistently and works perfectly in eliminating the dirt particles and other contaminants in the water. In many cases, if the cartridge filter is not immediately replaced due to damages this might cause clogging and malfunction of your system. 

Another thing to take note of is that changing the cartridge filters within the time frame will upkeep your pool. It will help eliminate small particles and other substances that cause water contamination better.

Easy circulation of water is another importance of cartridge filters. This will depend on the regular cleaning routine or maintenance of your swimming pool. Because it is what helps extend the lifespan of your cartridge. 

When you leave your cartridge clogged, it can stop the flow of water and more contaminants will come inside the filter. Additionally, failure in cleaning your pool can also affect the pool chemical and likely be unsafe to all swimmers.

Cartridge filters are a requirement in maintaining a healthy, and sanitary pool. It is designed to eliminate all debris, unwanted dirt, calcium, and oils. Be mindful that filters are not automatically clean on their own. It means that it needs a person to physically eradicate and clean up the dirt that develops inside the filter system. 

The Cartridge Is the Most Chosen Filter

There are three kinds of filters, sand filter, DE Filter, and cartridge filter. All of them are beneficial to swimming pools, but most pool owners choose cartridge filters. The reason behind this is because of how well the cartridge filter filters the swimming pool. 

Choosing cartridge filters not only eliminates the small particles or other substances, but it is simple to use and maintain. Unlike other filters that need regular cleaning and should be handled with care. 

Another thing is that the cartridge removes 10 to 15 microns of dirt particles. Plus, the energy cost is low by using a lower pump pressure. Using a cartridge filter will also not waste salt on a saltwater pool, making it an excellent option for swimming pools run in a saltwater system.

When to Replace Your Cartridge Filter

Cartridge Filters Are So Great

If you delay replacing the cartridge filter you might face a serious problem in the future. On the other hand, there will be too much mud, dirt, and other contaminants that stay inside the filter and cause clogging and leakage. If this happens swimmers will be at risk and encounter health problems such as skin rashes or irritation, diarrhea, and other health issues.

To prevent issues in your cartridge filters, be aware of the indicators when the cartridges need to be changed.

A High PSI

A common reason for a high PSI reading is that your cartridge is full of dirt which needs immediate cleaning. Use a garden hose to remove the dirt. If in case it still doesn’t work, you can try to deep clean or soak it with a cleaning agent and stay it overnight. If the issue continues, it is better to replace your cartridge immediately.

Cartridge material is made of polyester called Remar. If the Remar becomes overfilled it limits the water flow and needs cleaning. In the end, if the material is covered with dirt substances even if you soak and hose the cartridge the dirt will still not be removed. If this is the case, the only solution is to change the filter cartridge to prevent another issue in the future. 

Cracked End Caps

End caps are made of heavy-duty material but can be damaged due to extreme water chemistry that makes them brittle. Moreover, if you notice the caps begin to split or break, you must replace them immediately. If you take it for granted by continuously using it, this may cause harm in your swimming pool and may cause damage to the equipment.

Flatten Of Pleats

Once the Remar is covered with dirt, the pleats will start to distort. When we say distort, it becomes flat which results, in limiting the water flow and affects the cleaning ability of the filter. 

Crushed Cartridge

The usual reason for a crushed cartridge is caused by the catastrophic inner core collapse. The inner core is the back pleats of the cartridge that gives support to prevent any collapse. 

Moreover, the possible causes of this issue are a cracked inner core, a sub-standard cartridge, or if the size of the cartridge is too small. If you encountered all these problems it means that it is time to replace your cartridge.

In Conclusion 

Cartridge Filters Are So Great

There are many reasons why a cartridge filter is the best. However, you will still need to consider your personal preference when it comes to choosing equipment for your swimming pool. If you think that a cartridge filter is the best for you according to what was written in this article, then you should consider using it for your pool. 

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