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Indoor vs. Outdoor Pool: Which Is a Better Option?

Indoor vs. Outdoor Pool: Which Is a Better Option?

Choosing a pool does not only end in picking the right shape and size. You will also need to decide about the location of your pool. A swimming pool can be installed on both indoor and outdoor setup. 

Each individual has their own preference when it comes to the location of their swimming pool. However, aside from your personal preference, you must also consider other factors such as cost, the pros, and the cons and some considerations. 

The Cost for Construction 

The first thing you have to consider is the cost of constructing each swimming pool. One kind of swimming pool will surely cost more than the other. It is safe to know and understand the construction cost of each pool before you jump to conclusions. 

For an Indoor Pool 

indoor pool

The cost of an indoor pool is higher than that of an outdoor pool. As an estimate, you will probably be spending around $200,000 more or less for an indoor pool. This is because there are more jobs to do in setting up an indoor pool. 

Aside from the pool itself, you will also need to consider the enclosure, which is why an indoor pool is more expensive. But, even if the enclosure is already existing, an indoor pool will still be more expensive than an outdoor pool. 

When you plan to build an indoor pool, there are so many factors you need to consider. First, you need to make sure that the pool area has proper ventilation and a dehumidification system. It is also essential that you install a good cooling and heating system plus sufficient insulation. 

Aside from the cooling and heating system of the pool area, the pool itself should also have a pool heater. In fact, all indoor pools should have a pool heater. This is a must to ensure that whoever swims in the pool will be comfortable with the water no matter the weather is. 

For an Outdoor Pool 

An outdoor pool is a less expensive option for you. Because you will never have to worry about constructing an enclosure or think about proper ventilation, HVAC, and many more, what you will spend is only for the construction of the pool itself. 

It is estimated to spend around $40,000 to $100,000 more or less to construct an outdoor pool. The price of an outdoor pool will only vary depending on the materials, size, and shape you are choosing. 

An added cost is also expected if you want to add more pool accessories for your pool. If you are on a budget, you should opt for an outdoor pool first. Choose the cheapest material and set it up in a way where you can just add an enclosure when you already can afford it. 

Considerations in Choosing an Indoor or Outdoor Pool 

Aside from the cost of construction, you must also look into the considerations you must think about when choosing the right approach for your pool. Check out these facts below and see which type of pool is best for your needs. 


Indoor pools are only advisable in locations with a cold temperature. This is because you can control the temperature inside the pool enclosure to use the pool all year round. 

On the other hand, an Outdoor pool is best if you live in the western part of the United States. The weather on the west will let you enjoy outdoor pools even more. Moreover, you do not need to add a pool heater as the sun will be your natural heater. 

The Quality of the Air 

You have to know that the air quality outside is better than the air quality inside an enclosed space such as an indoor pool. So even though you have the best ventilation one can get, the natural airflow on an alfresco setup will always be the best. 


When you install an indoor pool, you will need to have enough space for the pool and the enclosure. If you have a very limited space in your backyard that only a pool can fit, you should go for an outdoor pool instead. 

The Pros and Cons of Indoor and Outdoor Pools

outdoor pool

Indoor Pool Pros

  • Indoor pools are easier to maintain. Because the pool is enclosed, you will never have to deal with insects, debris, and leaves floating on your pool. 
  • This option is more secure as you can keep the pool building locked. If you have kids or pets, you can rest assured that they will not come near the pool. However, this may only be true if the pool is installed in a separate building. 
  • There will be little to no algae growth in an indoor pool. This is because algae need sunlight to survive, and the pool’s enclosure deprives algae of the sun they need for growth. 

Indoor Pool Cons 

  • You will experience a more pungent chlorine smell no matter how excellent your ventilation is. 
  • Pool parties are less enjoyable during summer. You will never get to enjoy good sunbathing during summer pool parties because your pool is indoor. 
  • You can use the pool no matter what the weather outside is. 

Outdoor Pool Pros 

  • An outdoor pool provides you with more options when it comes to design, shapes, and sizes.
  • Because of the quality airflow, you will never have to worry about any chlorine odor from your pool. Your family will enjoy using your pool even more as you will never be bothered by the smell. 
  • You can enjoy the sun during the summer
  • There is no need to pay to have the best ventilation. 

Outdoor Pool Cons 

  • When it comes to maintenance, having an outdoor pool requires more work. Expect to have debris, insects, and leaves floating on your pool every time. This is why it is required to skim your pool every day. 
  • Algae grows rapidly. Because the pool is exposed to the sun, algae growth is expected to increase. This is why you will need weekly pool maintenance to ensure that the algae will not damage your pool. 
  • You cannot use the pool in some weather conditions. 

All Things Considered 

Choosing whether to install an indoor or outdoor pool lies with a lot of factors. It is recommended to decide which pool to choose based on all the things mentioned in this article. You have to consider each of them, from the cost to its pros and cons. This way, you will never regret any decision you will make. 

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