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Pool Repair: The Most Common Repairs

Pool Repair: The Most Common Repairs

Pool repair is inevitable, and every pool owner should expect to encounter this throughout the lifespan of their pools. However, different repairs can be encountered over time, some can be a common occurrence, but some can be seldomly encountered by many. 

If you are wondering what the possible repairs your pool will need in the future are, you might want to check out this breakdown of all possible and common pool repairs that you will encounter. 

Pool Repair for Cracks 

pool repair for cracks

The first pool repair you will encounter is the pool cracks. Cracks are prevalent in in-ground pools, while above-ground pools will encounter rips. When you notice cracks on the pool’s concrete or gunite, you should immediately contact a pool repair service company. 

Cracks that are ¼ inch wide and less than 2 feet long can be replaced easily. The big problem is when the cracks on your in-ground pools are huge, as this requires you to perform a resurfacing project. Pool resurfacing is quite expensive and will take some time to be finished.

The amount that you will pay will also depend on the size and the finish of your pool. The bigger your pool, the higher you will pay for the resurfacing. 

On the other hand, an above-ground pool with fiberglass or vinyl liners can be easily managed. You will only have to replace the liner with a new one, and you are good to go. 

Swimming Pool Leaks 

Aside from cracks, both in-ground and above-ground pools will experience leaks at least once throughout their lifespan. So once you start noticing your pool water is constantly losing water even if it is not in use, a leak is present.

Therefore, if you notice an unusual water loss from your pool, it is best to call a professional right away. However, some may advise you to repair the leaks on your own as one of your DIY projects is not highly advisable. 

The best approach for this pool repair is to let the professional pool service company inspect and repair the source of the leak. Additionally, leaks can as well happen on your pool pipings. It is why professional help will be necessary. 

If you let the expert handle this problem, you are assured that the leakage source will be located and fixed properly. Furthermore, thorough digging might be required depending on where the leakage is located, and you cannot do it on your own. 

In some instances, your pool’s plumbing will require replacement as a simple repair will not be able to fix the problem. 

Pool Pump Problems

pool water

Pool pump issues are also inevitable if you have a pool at home. This is also one of the repairs you will probably need in the future. Time will come when you will encounter issues in your pool pump.

Once your pump starts to pull air into its system, then you will undoubtedly encounter a problem. Your pump will surely lose power and will not be able to pump water anymore. Moreover, if you notice that your pump is working fine but not pumping water, it only means that it doesn’t filter the water the way it should be. 

If your pump is starting to manifest this issue, there is a considerable chance that your pump will overheat and burn. When the circumstance does not allow you to repair the pump, never hesitate to replace it with a new one. 

Therefore, you will need a pool service company to help you with the installation of your new pool pump. Aloha Desert Pools is not only a pool cleaning service company. We also offer services like pool pump installation. 

If you let us do the pump installation and programming, you can be sure that it is installed properly to avoid further issues that will once again cost you a lot of money. Additionally, here are some of the common pump problems you should expect:

  • Melted Pump Fitting
  • Clogged Pump
  • Pool pump leaks
  • Air in Pump Basket

Pool Filter Repair

Aside from pool pump repair, there will come a time that you will need a pool filter repair. As a part of the pool’s proper maintenance is the regular cleaning or replacing of pool filters. Again, it is important to keep your pool safe and aesthetically pleasing. 

The pool filter cartridge can cost you around $100 to replace. However, if the filtration system encounters issues, it will cost you more. It is why you must never forget to maintain your pool filter every time you are doing your pool maintenance. 

If you look into your pool filter closely and ensure it is well taken care of, it will surely last longer. Likewise, if you regularly check your pool filtration system, you will immediately notice any issues, and you can act accordingly. 

If you notice something wrong with your filter, it is best to contact the experts and let them handle the issue. 

Pool Light Issues

Pool repair on lights

Swimming pool lights provide brightness to your pool area and improve your pool’s aesthetics. However, lightning problems are common issues a pool can have, such as burnt light bulbs. But, light issues are not limited to just a burnt light bulb. 

More serious lighting issues can arise over time that can be related to electrical wiring problems. For example, suppose you notice that your pool light bulbs are burning out fast at an unusual rate or newly installed bulbs won’t light up. In that case, you should contact a local electrical professional to handle the issue. 

Make sure that you let the professional check the electrical wiring on your pool to locate the source of the issue. Additionally, you can also take this opportunity to let the electrician check other electricals of your pool to ensure that everything is in great shape. 

Expect These Issues 

If you are a pool owner, you should expect your pool to encounter at least one of the mentioned problems. However, you should not worry at all because pool repair professionals are willing to lend a hand to help you fix every pool problem that comes your way.

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