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How to program a Hayward Tristar VS950 Variable Speed Pump

How to program a Hayward Tristar VS950 Variable Speed Pump

A Hayward VS950 is another pool variable speed pump that any pool owners in Arizona can opt for. There is so many speed pump available in the market today, but the Hayward VS950 is the one of the best. 

If you own this kind of speed pump or plan to acquire one, you must learn to program the pump properly to experience the best performance. Follow these steps, and you will surely program your Hayward VS950 speed pump correctly. 

What You Can See on The Panel 

Before you can successfully program your Hayward Tristar VS950 speed pump, you must first understand its panel. Following are the buttons and labels you can see when you look at the pump’s panel. 

  1. Preset Speeds 

When you look at the Hayward Tristar VS950 speed pump, you will instantly notice the buttons on the left side labeled from 1 to 4. These buttons are used to run the pump at a predetermined speed for a specific length of time. 

Each button is already set with a default speed. 

1: 1000 rpm

2: 1750 rpm

3: 2500 rpm

4: 3250 rpm

  1. Navigation and Menu Button

Next, you will see the navigation and menu button right in the middle of the panel. When you press the menu button, it will scroll through the pump’s setup menu. The navigation button with the left and right arrows are used to select settings to edit. It is also used to move through displays. The buttons with a plus and minus, on the other hand, will be used to change the settings. 

  1. LED Status Lights

Another feature you will see on the panel is the LED status lights. There are two status lights in the panel: the check system LED and the timers active LED. Once the pump experiences an error, the check system LED will light up. On the other hand, the timers active LED will light up when timers have been programmed in the pump. In addition, the light will illuminate even if the pump is not running. 

  1. Stop and Resume Button

The next button on the panel is the start/resume button used to stop or start the pump. An LED indicator light will be seen beside the start/resume button and will turn red once the pump is stopped. To resume the pump, you will have to press the button again. 

  1. Quick Clean

Last but not least is the quick clean button. This button is present on the pump panel to provide users to run a quick clean on the pump anytime they want. Once you press the quick clean, the pool will be cleaned with a suction side vacuum. 

Programming the Hayward Tristar VS950

Now that you are already familiar with the pump’s panel, it is time to program the pump. Follow these steps below, and you will successfully master the art of programming a Hayward Tristar VS950 variable speed pump. 

Pump Initial Setup

After the pump’s complete installation, you must perform an initial setup on your pump before adding a program. When you turn on the pump for the first time, the screen will show “Hayward Variable Speed Pump.” 

The next that will appear on the screen will be the date, time, rpm, and wattage. The third will show you the timer. At this time, you can select a temporary speed to let the pump run by selecting the menu button. 

Configuration of the Pump

Once you press the menu, the settings will appear and you will have to press the right arrow on the navigation button to select. Use the plus and minus buttons to adjust and the right arrow to go to the next item. It will bring you to the time, and you will have to use the plus button to change the time and press the right button once the time is correct. 

Next, you will have to select the date and time. You will still have to use the plus button and the right button to configure these settings. After you adjust the date and time, you will need to adjust the speed of the pump. Once again, use the plus button to select a speed and the right button to confirm the speed you want to set. 

Set the maximum speed first. Make sure that you do not go beyond the allowed maximum, which is 3450. Once the maximum is set, you will also have to set the minimum speed making sure you will not go below the allowed minimum speed, which is 600 rpm. 

After the maximum and minimum speeds are set, you will have to configure the duration next. As you press the arrow button, it will lead you to the configuration of the prime duration. Here you are allowed to set the duration of the setup that you had just made when it primed at the maximum speed. 

The next step is to select the standalone/Hayward or the relay control on the next display of the menu. Move to the next item once done. The next item will allow you to set the comm bus address for the pump. You have to remember that a Hayward control can control the pump via the comm bus. Or let a third party control the pump using relay contacts to choose a speed set in the timer menu. 

How to set up Speed

Press the right navigation button to enter the speed menu. The screen will show speed one name. This is where you can rename the speed number one that you are going to set up. Once you have renamed it, you will have to move to the next item, which will be the speed one duration. This is where you can set the duration of this particular item. 

Again, move to the next item by pressing the right button. The screen will then show you the speed one’s speed. This is where you can configure the speed of this item. 

Timer Menu Setup

Use the right arrow to enter the timer menu, and the screen will show you timer 1. You can change the start and end times of the timer by using the plus button. Moreover, you can also use the right button to move to the next timer. Plus, you can as well rename the timer, and you can do this by using the plus and minus buttons. Once you rename the timer and set the start and end time, it is now time to choose the days of operation. Once you have completed these steps, your pump’s timer is already configured and ready to operate. 

Final Note

The programs mentioned in this article are just the most common information necessary to program a Hayward Tristar VS950 variable speed pump properly. More information is available on the pump’s user manual that comes along with the pump itself during purchase. Moreover, you can contact Aloha Desert Pools and let our experts program the pump for you.

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