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Reasons Why You Need Weekly Pool Maintenance

Reasons Why You Need Weekly Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance should be done once a week to ensure its maximum safety. Owning a pool is not just fun. It also has associated responsibilities like making sure it is well-taken care of. Plus you have to ensure the safety of all the pool users. 

For you to fulfill this responsibility, you should carry out your pool maintenance regularly. And by regular means every single week. If you are not convinced yet that your pool needs this constant cleaning, you might want to ponder the following reasons. 

Prevent It From Damages

All that floating leaves, twigs, and even insects on your pool are perfect ingredients for algae to grow. Algae may look harmless, but they can make their way to small cracks on your pool. This will be the time where they become harmful.

Once they reach these small cracks, the algae will be hard to reach during cleaning. Therefore, there is a high chance they will stay there until they prosper, grow, and spread. If this happens it will make the small crack bigger over time. 

When small harmless cracks on your pool become bigger, your pool will have leaks and ultimately get damaged. Cleaning your pool weekly or daily will avoid this problem and prevent any damages to your pool. 

Additionally, if you do weekly pool maintenance, you can see any existing damages on your pool. You can then find a way to fix it and prevent it from getting bigger. As a rule of thumb, your pool should be skimmed every day. However, if your schedule does not permit daily skimming, then weekly pool maintenance is highly advisable. 

Saves You Money

Because you are preventing damages to your pool, you will save a lot of money from highly costly pool repairs. Not only will your pool get damaged if not maintained properly and on schedule. But, you also have pool equipment that will get damaged if not maintained often. 

Like the pool itself, repairing pool equipment is also expensive, especially if you will require buying a new one if the damage becomes unrepairable. Therefore, you should not only pay attention to the pool itself. You also have pool hardware and equipment to maintain. 

If you carry out weekly pool maintenance, you will surely prevent your pool from getting damaged and your equipment from wearing out. As a result, you will never have to spend a lot of cash, and your pool fun will be continuous. 

Pool Maintenance Improves Appearance

Not only does weekly pool maintenance prevent damage and clean your pool, but It will also improve the pool’s appearance. It will then add aesthetic value to your property. Your swimming pool water will surely look pristine and clear.

If your pool is poorly maintained, it will look dirty as grime and fungi along with the dirt, debris, and algae will develop. Imagine your pool looking greenish. You will surely never want to swim in it at all. 

However, imagine it with clear and clean water that looks fresh and new. It will not only make your backyard look good, but it can as well provide a fresh and clean feeling during swimming. A weekly maintenance schedule is a secret to making your pool look like the ones on the five-star hotel and resort. 

Peace of Mind

Safety in Pool Maintenance

Because you know your pool is properly taken care of and a weekly pool maintenance schedule is in place, you will have peace of mind knowing that your family and friends swimming in your pool is safe. 

A swimming pool can be a cause of life-threatening illnesses if not properly maintained. This is why pool owners should know and perform their responsibility in making sure their pool is safe to use by everyone. 

Reduces Health Risks 

A poorly maintained pool will not only become a breeding ground for bacterias and fungi. It can also become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are insects that carry a lot of diseases, such as dengue fever and malaria. 

These diseases are life-threatening which can infect you and other family members, especially children. Therefore, if you want your pool to be a source of fun and not diseases, you should invest some time, money, and effort in doing weekly pool maintenance. 

Prevents the Buildup Of Bacteria

Aside from the diseases, you can get from mosquitoes, a poorly maintained pool can have increased growth of bacterias such as E.coli. E.coli bacteria can cause illnesses in humans giving gut diseases that can also cause a life. 

During the weekly pool cleaning, all of the bacteria present in your pool will be eliminated. After the cleaning process, you will see how beautiful your pool is, and you will be assured that everyone in your family will be safe all the time, whether they are using the pool or not. 

Decreases the Possibility of Accidents

Avoid Accidents

If your pool is not maintained properly, accidents are likely to happen. Weekly pool maintenance will spot any defects on your pool, such as handrail damages and damages on other pool safety features. 

Some people, especially children with no swimming experience, will likely make their way into the pool without the help of a lifeguard or any adult with a swimming experience.

When this happens, the safety features of the pool, like the handrail, will be very useful in making them safe. However, pool accidents will likely happen if these safety features get damaged, and no one knows about them. 

Moreover, a poorly maintained pool will become very slippery, and no matter how hard you try to be careful, you will surely slip and get into a fatal accident. Avoid all of these from happening by making sure your pool gets the proper maintenance it needs. 

If you live within or near Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, and Queen Creek, Arizona, Aloha Desert Pools would love you help you with your weekly pool maintenance. We understand that you already have a busy week and only want to relax during your day off. 

We at Aloha Desert Pools have the right tools and knowledge to successfully carry out weekly pool maintenance to make it clean and safe for your use. So instead of spending your entire day cleaning your pool and its equipment, we can do the job for you. 

You will only have to sit back, relax, and enjoy the pool after we clean it. So what are you waiting for? Check out our services and see what other services our company offers that will be very useful for you and your pool.

Start Scheduling A Weekly Maintenance Now!

If you are ready to start the weekly maintenance of your pool, grab your phone now and contact us for a quotation. Our friendly staff will gladly help you find the best weekly pool maintenance schedule according to your preference. 

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