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Tips On How To Choose The Right Pool Cover

Tips On How To Choose The Right Pool Cover

A pool cover is one of the most important pool accessories that you must have. This accessory will keep your pool safe, secure, and protected from different elements. If you live in the United States, particularly in Arizona, it is best to invest in a pool cover. 

But, just like with any other pool accessories, pool covers come in different shapes, sizes, materials, and kinds. So, before you rush and go shopping for a pool cover, you should check out these tips compiled for you to help you choose the right pool cover. 

Know the Size and Shape of Your Pool 

organic shape pool cover

Every pool has its own size, so you must know the size of your pool before you even go shopping for a pool cover. This information is vital to ensure that the pool cover you purchase can protect your pool properly. 

Even if you pick out the highest quality material for your cover, you will never get what you need if you pick out the wrong pool cover size. If your pool is the standard pool size, then expect that you can easily find a cover that will fit. 

However, pool covers for symmetrical pools or pools with organic shapes will have to be customized. The reason behind this is because the shape of your pool is not ordinary, and pool cover manufacturers likely haven’t created a pool for that specific shape your pool has. 

Consider Your Type of Pool 

Different types of pools also need different types of pool cover. However, there are two primary types of pools: the in-ground and above-ground pools, which are two very distinct pools. For a quick recap of these two types of pools, in-ground pools are installed permanently on the ground. 

On the other hand, above-ground pools are those that are installed above the ground and can be uninstalled if you want to. As you can see, the two have a huge difference which can significantly impact your choice of a cover. 

In-ground pools are usually difficult to clean due to their hard-to-reach areas and pipings. It is the reason why the majority of in-ground pool owners opt for solid vinyl pool covers. This option keeps the sun rays from penetrating the cover and protects the pool to avoid algae growth.

Furthermore, if you own an above-ground pool, the less expensive options such as a mesh pool cover can suffice. However, you should be aware of algae growth on your poolside, as the mesh does not entirely protect the pool from the sun. 

Is Safety Your Main Concern?

Kids safety

Most pool owners purchase a cover mainly for safety concerns. So, if this is also your main reason why you are thinking of buying a cover, then there are several things you must take into account. 

Drowning can cause death, and if you have kids at home, this must be something you should be concerned about. But, unfortunately, it is also the leading cause of death amongst children aged one-year-old to fourteen years old. 

If you want to keep your pool child safe, it is best to choose a cover with a material for the highest safety. The best option you can go for to ensure the safety of your kids around the pool is the solid and mesh pool covers.

Both materials offer the greatest security around and within the pool for utmost safety for kids and everyone, including your pets. In addition, mesh and solid pool covers can withstand a tremendous amount of weight, indicating quality materials. 

Plus, you can rest assured that your kids are safe even if they play around the pool. You should avoid solar pool cover at all costs. This type of cover does not provide optimal safety from falling, which can lead to drowning. 

Additionally, solar pool covers can easily malfunction, which can be dangerous to the kids and everyone in your home. It can also be easily uncovered by children, which is not a good sign of excellent child safety. 

The Climate of Your Location

Another thing you should consider when buying a cover is the climate of your location. The climate of your area plays a huge role in choosing the right cover. Therefore, it is recommended to pick a cover that is ideal for the climate you are experiencing. 

For instance, a winter pool cover or mesh pool cover is an excellent option if your location is experiencing harsh weather conditions. Winter pool covers are made to protect your pool from snow. On the other hand, Mesh covers are made from a material where melted snow can penetrate the cover and drip down into the pool. 

Moreover, if you are located in a warm area, pool covers that slow down the evaporation rate of your pool water are the best option. Choosing the right cover according to your climate will also help you save water. 

Does the Pool Cover Have A Warranty?

pool cover warranty

When buying a cover, you should never forget to check the warranty of the pool cover. Pool cover warranty is as important as the mentioned factors above. In addition, the warranty is a clear indication that the cover you are going to purchase is high-quality. 

Manufacturers provide a warranty with confidence if they know that their products will not get damaged easily. So, the longer the warranty period, the higher the quality of the product is. Remember, a low-quality cover with a short warranty period will cost you more money long term. 

It is why it is best to buy a high-quality cover with a long warranty period rather than opting for cheap alternatives. But, just like with any other thing in life, the best ones come with a price. 

Choose The Right Cover Wisely

You should choose the right cover for your pool so that you can get the value for your money. No matter how expensive the cover you pick, if it does not fit or is not suitable depending on your pool’s condition, you will never get the protection you are looking for. 

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