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Must-Have Pool Toys and Accessories for Your Dogs

Must-Have Pool Toys and Accessories for Your Dogs

Aside from humans, dogs also enjoy swimming in a pool. Although some may be terrified at first, they will eventually become used to it and will surely look forward to your next swimming session at home. 

Pool toys manufacturers know how dogs enjoy the water just like their owners. It is why they also created useful pool toys solely made for your fur babies. Just like pool equipment, pool toys and accessories are also vital to have. So, if you have a dog that loves swimming, then here are some pet pool toys you must have

Dog Floating Toys 

Dogs love toys. Like kids, they want to have something nearby to play with, even during swim day. Dog floating toys are highly available today, and many pool owners who have dogs love these toys so much. Well, so do their pets, of course. 

Because there are so many floating toys for dogs you can find nowadays, choosing the best for your pet can be difficult. So, instead of stressing yourself out, why not let your fur babies choose the best toys for them instead?

You can try different types of dog floating toys from different manufacturers and see how your pet reacts to each one of them. Once you notice that your pet enjoys one specific toy more than the other, it is best to buy your next dog floating pool toy from the same manufacturer.

Dog Swimming Vest 

pool accessories

Dogs, too, can drown in a pool. It is why aside from their enjoyment, you must also look after their safety. Instead of carrying your dog around as you use the pool, why not purchase a dog swimming vest. With the vest on, let them swim around the pool safely. Additionally, having a vest for each family member and each pet you have is the standard protocol for pool safety.

If you purchase a dog swimming vest, you and your dog can both enjoy swimming even more. You can let your dog be free, swim to their heart’s content while you are also enjoying yourself doing your own thing. 

Dog swimming vests are manufactured to provide the utmost safety to your dog without making them feel restricted. It has adjustable straps that can fasten and unfasten without any problem. When choosing the right swimming vest for your dog, here are some things that you must consider. 

  • The swimming vest should be the right size for your dog. Bigger dogs need bigger vests, while smaller dogs should have smaller vests. It is best to bring your pet with you during shopping so that they can try the vest on before you purchase it. 
  • Opt for a swimming vest with reflective strips on them. This can improve the visibility of your dog. Of course, a dog swimming vest can not only be used in your home pool. But, it can also be useful when you plan to bring your pet on an island hopping. 
  • Make sure that the type of vest you are choosing for your dog is comfortable to wear. No matter how nice the vest is or how expensive it is, if your dog does not feel comfortable with it, you will have difficulty convincing your pet to wear it and keep it on. 

Floating Pool Toys Disc 

A floating disc is an excellent tool for a game of fetch on a pool. Playing fetch is a fun activity you can do with your dog, whether it is on the ground or in water. Having your dog fetch a floating disc on the water will also help them learn how to swim better. 

If you want to train your dog how to swim, a floating disc can help you achieve it without putting too much stress on yourself and your dog. Swimming pool fetch is a favorite pool game of most experienced canine swimmers and can also be excellent training for your dog. 

Floating discs are designed to float on water. It is also made from soft material that your dogs will love. When you shop for a floating disc, choose a disc with a bright color that can be easily found while on the water. This way, your dog will not have a hard time searching for it. 

Floating Stick 

dog floating stick

Aside from floating discs, you can also use a floating stick to play fetch with your dog. If your fur babies are very energetic dogs, then a floating stick can be an excellent option for them. During your shopping, you will encounter many different floating sticks. 

However, it is best to choose a stick that has breathable holes in it. These holes help the air flow on your dog’s mouth and into their lungs as they retrieve the stick. This way, you can be sure that your dog will not experience difficulty as he breathes in and out with the stick on their mouth. 

You should also choose a pet-friendly and soft material so that it feels good on their mouth. The color of the floating stick can also be an important factor in picking out the right product for your dog. 

Dog Floats 

After a tiring game of fetch, let your dog relax on top of a comfortable dog float. There are swimming floats available that are made solely for them. Let them enjoy the sun and soak up all that Vitamin D. Let them enjoy the warmth as they comfortably float on the surface of the pool. 

Many different dog floats are available, from simple plastic inflatable floats to woven vinyl mesh loungers. It does not matter what material, shape, and size you will choose for your dog. As long as your pet will fit in it and they are comfortable, it is already good. 

If you have many puppies, you can opt for a bigger float that can fit them all in one. When buying a dog float, make sure that the material used is strong enough and cannot easily get torn when your pet’s claws touch the material

Start Your Dog Pool Toys Shopping 

Isn’t it fun thinking about all the great stuff you can do with your dog while you enjoy a swim day at the pool? So start making those purchases no. This way you will surely have a wonderful time the next time you and your pet hit the water

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