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adding chlorine tablets to pool

Tips On Adding Chlorine Tablets To Pool

Chlorine is known as an antiseptic for swimming pools. Adding chlorine to the water can kill germs or bacteria that lurks and causes diseases to swimmers. When the chlorine dissolves, it will form a weak acid called hypochlorous acid, which is known to be a primary disinfection agent.

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Black Bottom Pool

Tips on Cleaning Black Bottom Pool

Choosing a black bottom pool liner will make your swimming pool unique and pleasing to the eyes. It will also make your pool water warm as the black bottom liner of your pool absorbs light from the sun. This is the reason why a lot of pool owners choose to have a black bottom pool.

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How to Reduce Cyanuric Acid Levels in Your Pool

A part of your swimming pool’s chemical chemistry is cyanuric acid. It is also commonly known as CYA, pool conditioner, chlorine stabilizer, or pool stabilizer. The right amount of cyanuric acid helps decrease chlorine loss in your swimming pool by protecting it from the sun’s UV rays.

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Things to Know Before Buying a Home With a Pool

There are so many for-sale houses in Arizona that come with a swimming pool. Many consider this as an asset to the property they are selling or buying. This might be partially true for buyers. Who wouldn’t love to have your own pool to relax at home, right?

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