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Green to Clean: How to Clear Up a Green Pool

The growth of algae commonly causes green pools. If your pool is starting to become green, it means that the pool has little to no chlorine in it. Chlorine is known to be the number one effective pool chemicals in eliminating algae. Thus, a pool without it becomes cloudy and green in color.

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How to Properly Remove Pool Stains

No matter how thoroughly you clean and maintain your pool, stains will still appear on your pool surface. Furthermore, pool stains are very embarrassing, especially for the pool owner. It will make your pool look old and dirty even though you just cleaned it.

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Water-Borne Infections and How to Avoid Them With Pool Chemicals

Swimming is a fun activity that people of all ages will surely enjoy. However, swimming pools are also a perfect breeding ground for bacterias that can cause water-borne diseases. Therefore, whether it is a public recreational swimming pool or a private residential pool, you should take extra precautionary measures to avoid these diseases.

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Everything You Need To Know About Saltwater Pool

The saltwater pool is the new trend of swimming pools today. However, many still do not know much about this option, especially if you are a new pool owner. So before you ignore the idea of a saltwater pool or even before converting your traditional pool, you should take a deeper look into the saltwater system.

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How to Maintain Saltwater Pool

Saltwater pools are becoming popular nowadays. Many pool owners opt to convert their traditional swimming pool into the new saltwater system. There are so many benefits a saltwater pool can provide; thus, its popularity increases. 

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Pool Chemicals Safety You Must Know

Pool chemicals are risky to handle, but swimming pools shouldn’t be used by anyone if unsanitized. Swimming pools are commonly sanitized with different chemicals, which is why you should learn about pool chemical safety. 

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