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Everything You Need To Know About Saltwater Pool

Everything You Need To Know About Saltwater Pool

The saltwater pool is the new trend of swimming pools today. However, many still do not know much about this option, especially if you are a new pool owner. So before you ignore the idea of a saltwater pool or even before converting your traditional pool, you should take a deeper look into the saltwater system. 

It is best to do your research first and make sure that this option fits your needs best. Therefore, we compile a quick summary of all you need to know about saltwater pools. This way, we can help you decide whether to convert your pool or not.

What is a saltwater pool?


A saltwater pool is a new approach to chlorinate your pool. It is by using a salt-chlorine generator to make your pool clean and sanitized. So, instead of using pure chlorine to clean your pool water, salt is added to saltwater systems, which will generate the chlorine needed for sanitation. 

A Saltwater pool is also known to be a safe alternative in making your pool free of algae and have clean water. Therefore, people opt for saltwater pools not only because it is the new trend but also because of the safety it provides to the pool users. 

Cost of the Saltwater Generator Installation

The installation of the saltwater generator usually costs expensive upfront. But, because of the safety it provides, people feel that all this initial investment is worth it. However, you must also consider that the initial cost you will have to pay will depend on the strength and quality of the generator you choose. 

Expect to pay higher for those top-quality generators out there. Usually, you will encounter salt generators in the market priced from $400-$2,000. How much you will end up paying for the initial generator installation will still depend on the product you choose to use. You can always opt to choose the less expensive ones if it is what you can only afford.

Maintenance Cost of The Saltwater Pool

Even though the initial cost for converting your pool can be expensive, the maintenance will be otherwise. Saltwater pool maintenance will mostly cost $50-$100 a year, while the traditional chlorinated pool will be $250-$300 a year. 

However, the cost-saving for having a saltwater pool will decrease dramatically if you consider the cost of cell replacement for your saltwater system. You will need to replace the cell of the saltwater pool every 3 to 7 years, which will cost you another $700-$900.

As you can see, the difference between the maintenance of the two is not that high. Considering all the numbers, having a saltwater pool may have the same cost as having a traditional chlorinated pool. In the end, it will only come down to the safety of both pools. With almost the same expenses, saltwater is still the best when it comes to safety.

Do Salt Water Pools Still Use Chlorine?

saltwater pool

Yes. Salt water pools still use chlorine to clean it. However, instead of adding the chlorine directly to the pool, in salt water pools, salt is added. The saltwater generator will then set the chlorine level of your pool using the salt. Therefore, the chlorine present in the pool is more natural than using pure chlorine. 

What Kind Of Salt Should You Use?

There are many options you can use for your salt water pool. As a rule of thumb, you must opt for a salt that has high purity. The more impurities the salt has, the less effective it becomes on chlorinating your pool. 

Saltwater is now highly available in the market and is sold inexpensively, which is why you will never have to worry about finding one for your pool. To give you an idea of the salt type you can use, here is a list of the salt sold in the market to be used as a saltwater pool chlorine generator

  • Rock salt
  • Potassium Chloride 
  • Iodized salt
  • Calcium chloride

Does Saltwater Pool Taste Salty?

Yes. Basically, you will need to add 50 pounds of salt to every 2000 gallons of water in your pool. Therefore, you will definitely taste the saltiness in your water, and it is unavoidable. However, rest assured that your pool will never taste like the ocean. Instead, expect your pool to have about a tenth of the salt you find on seawater, similar to your tears. 

If you have tasted your tears before then, that is exactly how your pool water will taste under a salt water pool system. Most saltwater owners find the saltiness of their pool pleasing rather than aggravating, so do not worry about it. You will ultimately become used to the taste the longer you use this new system.

No Need For Constant Maintenance

Unlike traditional pools, a salt water pool does not need constant maintenance. The saltwater generator is even considered a set and forget system, which means that you will only seldom have to maintain it once it is set up. 

If you are a busy person and have a hard time scheduling maintenance, you will find the salt water pool a great option. With this new pool system alternative, you will only have to periodically restock the pool with salt, and there is no need to constantly check the chemicals’ level.

Saltwater Pool Feels Better On Your Skin

saltwater pool

An additional benefit of the saltwater pool is that the water itself will feel silkier on your skin when you swim. Traditional chlorinated pools use a high volume of chlorine which can strip your skin and hair’s natural moisture. Have you noticed having dry skin and hair right after you take a swim at the pool? This is exactly the result of the pool’s chlorine. 

But, with the saltwater system, you will never have to worry about dry skin and hair every time you decide to take a dip. Regardless of skin type and whether you are sensitive or not, a saltwater pool will surely give you a great swimming time anytime you like. 

Start Your Installation Now!

So what are you waiting for? Start installing a saltwater pool generator and enjoy safer and cleaner water for you and your family. Contact Aloha Desert Pool Now for a free installation quotation. Our lines are always open, and we have a friendly team ready to serve you all the time. 

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