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How to Properly Remove Pool Stains

How to Properly Remove Pool Stains

No matter how thoroughly you clean and maintain your pool, stains will still appear on your pool surface. Furthermore, pool stains are very embarrassing, especially for the pool owner. It will make your pool look old and dirty even though you just cleaned it. 

But don’t fret when you see stains on your pool. Pool stains can be removed through various methods, which we will talk about in this article. So, without further adieu, the following are the procedures on how to remove pool stains.

Organic Pool Stains  

Remove pool stains that is organic

The most common pool stain you can encounter is the organic pool stain. This stain is brownish-green in color and is commonly related to organic matter such as leaves, dead worms, or algae. The organic matter itself, plus some tannins, make up the stain that will be visible on your pool surface. 

Most organic pool stains can be removed by shocking your swimming pool with chlorine and scrubbing the organic stains with a brush. However, in some circumstances, simply shocking the pool and scrubbing the stain won’t work. 

If you get caught in this situation, it is best to use a product with ascorbic acid-base or pool stain removers with phosphonic acid. But, you have to remember if you ever come to this situation, your pool will need to be drained for you to be able to have access to the stain and apply the said solutions. 

Although it may seem very tedious and time-consuming, it is the only way to remove stubborn organic stains. 

Metal Pool Stains 

Another type of stain you will encounter on your pool will be metal stains. This type of stain appears reddish-brown on your pool’s surface. Most pool owners worry about metal stains too much as they think it is a permanent problem. 

Stain sure does decrease the value of your swimming pool. This is why it is important to know how to get rid of different swimming pool stains. 

There are so many sources of metal that stains might come from. It can be from your pool equipment like galvanized or copper plumbing, heat exchangers, and brass valves. Additionally, the water you added into your pool has minerals and metals present in it. 

You can find copper, iron, manganese, and the likes on city water that you use to fill up your pool. Even some pool chemicals can also have metals present in them, and all of these contribute to the metal stain on your swimming pool. 

There are two most common metal stains you can encounter, which are copper and iron stains. Iron stains can be brownish in color, and copper stains can come as blue, green, black, brown, or purple. 

Getting Rid of Metal Stains 

To get rid of metal stains on the pool surface, first, you must reduce the chlorine level in your pool by draining it partially and adding fresh water. Alternatively, you can purchase a chlorine neutralizer and add it to your pool water for a faster approach. 

After you neutralize the chlorine on the pool water, you can now add algaecide. This stage is vital to ensure that algae will not generate in the pool while the chlorine level is low. Now that your pool water is ready for the stain removal process, you can apply ascorbic acid directly to the stain. 

You can do this by rubbing an ascorbic acid tablet into the stain. This will lift the stain faster. However, for a bigger metal stain problem, you can sprinkle ascorbic acid into the pool to help remove the stain. 

You will need half-pound of ascorbic acid for every 10,000 gallons of water. After adding ascorbic acid to your pool water, you can now start your pump and let the water circulate. After letting the filter run for half an hour, you can now check the result of your effort and see if the method you choose works. 

Waterline Stains 

remove pool stains waterline

The next type of pool stain we are going to discuss is the waterline stain. This is also a common occurrence on swimming pools which is why it is crucial to learn how to remove it before it makes your pool look uninviting. 

Waterline stains are formed when oil and dirt combine with other particles in the water. This type of swimming pool stain will make your pool water look dirty even if you have just added fresh water to your pool. 

No matter what material you use to make your pool, whether it is tile, concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass, waterline stains can still happen. However, preventing a waterline from appearing is still the best solution to this problem. 

If you constantly clean those water lines as it appears, it will never become a stain in the first place. You can use ordinary detergent to get rid of newly produced water lines in your pool. Products with concentrated enzymes can also be a huge help in preventing water lines. 

Just add it to your pool water, and it will do its trick. It will break down non-living organic contaminants on the water. But if the water lines are already present, it is best to remove them using pool surface cleaners such as tile or vinyl cleaner. 

Use a pumice stone for the pool and rub the stain off your pool surface. However, some pool owners also use organic cleaners such as baking soda and vinegar. They also used other household items such as dish soap and toothpaste. You might want to try using these alternatives first and see how they can help before seeking those chemical cleaners. 

Hire a Professional 

Even if you already know how to remove pool stains, it is still best to hire someone more knowledgeable to help you get rid of the stains on your pool. Aloha Desert Pools is the top-rated pool cleaning service company in Arizona

The company offers services within Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek, and nearby areas. We have well-experienced staff who have been dealing with different kinds of pool stains and have successfully removed them every time. 

Our team does not only have the experience and knowledge, but we also have the necessary tools and products to get rid of pool stains successfully. If you have tried removing the stains on your own and were unsuccessful, or if you think you do not have the time to do so, grab your phone and contact us now.

Start the First Step

Now that you already know how to remove pool stains properly, it is best to start doing it as sooner. Then, make your swimming pool look brand new once again. You can do this by either starting the removal on your own or grabbing that phone and asking for professional help. 

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