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Things to Know Before Buying a Home With a Pool

Things to Know Before Buying a Home With a Pool

There are so many for-sale houses in Arizona that come with a swimming pool. Many consider this as an asset to the property they are selling or buying. This might be partially true for buyers. Who wouldn’t love to have your own pool to relax at home, right?

However, there are many things you need to know about buying a home with a pool. Here are the things that you must consider before deciding to buy that wonderful home with a stunning swimming pool. 

Swimming Pool Needs Regular Maintenance

Having a swimming pool at home means that you will have additional responsibilities. Although it can provide you with great relaxation in the comfort of your home, it comes with a cost. When it comes to swimming pool maintenance, basic cleaning is not enough. 

You will need to exert more time, effort, and money to carry out pool maintenance properly. First, you must ensure that your pool is scheduled for a weekly cleaning performed by you or a pool cleaning service company in Arizona.

Second, you must have all the necessary tools, equipment, and chemicals used for a proper swimming pool cleaning. Third, Aside from the regular cleaning, maintaining a swimming pool also makes sure that all your pool equipment and the pool itself are in good condition. 

Replace everything that needs to be replaced. Conduct a deep cleaning schedule such as swimming pool acid wash or bead blasting, depending on your pool needs. And mind you, all of these things will require you to spend a significant amount of money.

Expect High Utility Bills 

buying a home with a pool increases utility bills

A swimming pool consumes tons of water and a high amount of energy. If you decide to purchase a home with a swimming pool, expect to have high utility bills moving forward. Pool owners have noticed a significant increase in their electricity and water bill since they installed a pool. 

Owning a pool sure needs a lot of money to operate. It is why not all people or homeowners install pools in their backyards. However, if the utility bills, maintenance costs, and effort do not bother you, you should not worry about purchasing a home with a swimming pool. Otherwise, you might want to reconsider your decision and look for another property to buy. 

Owning a Swimming Pool Boosts Quality of Life

Now comes the positive part of buying a home with a pool. If you ever get to purchase a home with a pool, you will surely enjoy the perks associated with it. The number one perk of choosing to buy a home with a pool is the chance of enjoying it anytime you please. 

Number two, swimming is a great exercise that can improve your cardiovascular health and overall health. It is also linked to improved mental health, which in result boosts your quality of life. 

You will never have to pay for gym memberships to enjoy wonderful cardiovascular exercise. What you will need to do is to suit up and swim in your private pool at home. Additionally, owning a pool means that you can invite guests over and enjoy the perks with them. 

As a result, you will improve your social life by throwing the best and unforgettable pool party at your newly bought home with a swimming pool. 

Swimming Pool Is Dangerous to Children 

Even though a swimming pool can provide your kids with great enjoyment and fun, we should not forget the danger associated with it. If you have children and decide buying a home with a pool, you should take extra precautionary measures to ensure the safety of your kids. 

You can install pool safety equipment to make sure that kids will stay away from the pool. If they want to swim, make sure that you or another adult will supervise the kids. Never let them use the pool unattended, and you must establish a strict rule about this. 

Owning a Pool Comes With Liability 

liabilities of buying a home with a pool

Swimming pools are considered an attractive nuisance. An attractive nuisance is any dangerous instrument or home feature that can attract kids within the neighborhood. Children are highly attracted to swimming pools which is why it is labeled as one of the attractive nuisances. 

Children near your property will be tempted to play in your pool which can cause accidents such as drowning. As the pool owner, you will be held liable if someone has an accident in your pool, whether you invited them or not. 

This is where pool safety equipment becomes important again. This equipment not only protects your children but as well as other kids in the neighborhood. 

Do Consider the Insurance 

In-ground pools are considered part of your home, classified as an external structure, and your homeowner’s insurance mostly covers it. However, it is still recommended to talk to your insurance agent. 

Some may require you to list the swimming pool as a personal property before carrying it out on the insurance. It is always best to talk to your insurance agent whenever you have any addition on your property to ensure that you are properly covered. 

Having a Pool May or May Not Increase Home’s Resale Value 

We already mentioned that a property with a swimming pool is also an asset to the seller. This is because, most of the time, a swimming pool can increase the property’s value. If you live in areas with a warm climate like here in Arizona, you will likely sell your property with a pool quickly. 

It will indeed increase its value because people who live in these warm places will appreciate having their personal pool at home to cool down. Furthermore, home hunters in these locations put swimming pools as the top priority on their list.

However, if you live in cold areas, then having a swimming pool on your property doesn’t impact its value. In these areas, people look at owning a pool as more of an inconvenience than an asset. 

When you have a cold climate most of the time, you will never have a chance to have a comfortable swimming session. Thus, owning a pool is irrelevant. 

You Will Need a Pool Expert Home Inspector

inspect the pool

Before sealing that deal, you must first let a home inspector who is an expert in swimming pools check the pool. If you do not know anything about pools, you will never know whether the pool is still in good condition or not. 

A pool that is not in good shape will require a lot of work to rehabilitate. Not only is it very inconvenient, but it is also expensive. 

Putting Everything Into Account When Buying a Home With a Pool

Although a swimming pool can benefit a seller by increasing its appraisal value, for the buyers, on the other hand, you must think twice, and you must compare its benefits versus its drawbacks. This way, you will never end up regretting your decision. 

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