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Pool Safety Equipment You Need to Keep Swimming Pool Safe

Pool Safety Equipment You Need to Keep Swimming Pool Safe

The safety of the people around your swimming pool should be your priority. Everyone can drown. However, the higher risks of this incident are children. This is why as a pool owner, you must ensure that your residential pool is safe for everyone, especially kids. 

Drowning is the second leading cause of death in children ages from one to fourteen. Each year, there are 3,960 fatal drowning incidents recorded and an average of 11 deaths a day. This record includes both adults and children. If you are worried about your family at home, then it is advised that you have the following pool safety equipment on your residential pool.

What is Pool Safety Equipment?

Pool safety equipment are things you install or add to your swimming pool to achieve three safety goals. One is to prevent anyone, especially children, from accessing your swimming pool without adult supervision. 

Number two, notifying you or anyone in the household if a person or a pet has entered the pool area. Finally, the third goal is to be able to rescue anyone who has entered the pool area despite all the safety features installed. 

When making your swimming pool safe from humans, especially kids, you should think about these three goals. Then, choose a product or items that can help you achieve this goal to ensure and be confident about your swimming pool safety. 

Here are some pool safety equipment that we highly suggest. You might want to take a look at each of them and see how they can help you improve your swimming pool safety. 

Swimming Pool Fence 

Pool Safety Equipment fence

The first item you might want to consider is a swimming pool fence. A swimming pool fence is a normal fence installed around your swimming pool. Just like an ordinary fence, it helps keep anyone away from your swimming pool, especially small children. 

To ensure that kids ages 0-5 could not access the pool, choose a fence that has a self-latching and self-closing gate. This feature of a swimming pool fence is in accordance with the laws and codes of most countries or states.

Furthermore, there are multiple materials you can use as a swimming pool fence. You can choose between wood, aluminum, steel, and even Glass. A glass fence or barrier can be your best bet for a more added aesthetic value to your pool area. 

However, despite its popularity in most residential pools, a swimming pool fence can be ineffective if you have clever kids that can jump over the fence. If this is the case, you might want to check out this next swimming pool safety equipment. 

Swimming Pool Enclosure 

Swimming pool enclosures can be the most effective pool safety equipment you can have. Although it can be more expensive, it will make your swimming pool safe effectively. This can not only efficiently protect humans or pets from drowning, but it can also help protect your swimming pool from harsh natural elements. 

Swimming pool enclosures have different designs. You can choose to have a fixed or a retractable swimming pool enclosure. If you choose to install a retractable swimming pool enclosure, you can choose between a low, medium, or high profile enclosure. 

You will need to install a fixed enclosure with a height where the tallest person in your family can fit or even higher. Because it is fixed and cannot be retracted, it is important that any person, despite the height, can enter the enclosure without any problems. 

Moreover, you can choose from a glass or polycarbonate material for your swimming pool enclosure. Glass can be good but make sure that your location is not affected by destructive typhoons. For a more safe and secure option, the polycarbonate material would be great. 

Pool Fence Alarm

Don’t be complacent and choose to add pool alarms on your swimming pool fence. This product will be installed on your pool fence and can detect movements through infrared beams or magnetic connections. 

This is a great add-on to your pool to know whether someone had sneaked into your swimming pool without your knowledge. You can also add door alarms on your pool enclosure doors so that no one can come inside without your knowledge. 

Swimming Pool Cover 

Swimming Pool Safety Equipment

Another swimming pool safety item you must have is a swimming pool cover. It does not only help protect your swimming pool from different weather conditions, climate, and even debris, it can also help secure your swimming pool. 

A swimming pool cover can be a less expensive way to keep your residential pools safe for anyone. You can choose an automatic pool cover to add ease of usage. It is also recommended to choose a sturdy material to ensure that no one gets drowned even if they fall into the cover. 

Although it is not as great as the other two options to secure your swimming pool, it is still better than not covering the pool at all. Remember to choose a quality pool cover to be sure it will effectively provide safety. 

Floating Motion Detector 

This safety item has become very popular amongst swimming pools. It is a surface-based motion alarm that instantly alarms when it notices a disturbance on the swimming pool’s surface, 

This type of motion alarm uses electronic signals to calculate waves and water displacement, which can be created when a person or object enters the swimming pool. This alarm option is effective and inexpensive, which is why many pool owners use them. 

Moreover, you have also to consider some negative things about this item. For example, the floating motion detector can set off when a strong wind disturbs the calmness of the pool’s water surface or the detector itself. Thus, giving the false alarm to the pool owner even without the presence of any danger.

Life Hook 

A life hook should be a must if you have a swimming pool at home. It is a simple type of rescue equipment that comes in handy when someone who does not know how to swim falls in your swimming pool. 

Life hook is also referred to as body hook or shepherd’s hook. You will have to attach the life hook to a rescue pole and extend it to someone who is drowning. However, going into the water and saving someone who is drowning will still be the best option. A life hook can only be needed if the rescuer himself does not know how to swim. 

Swimming Pool Safety Ring 

swimming pool ring

A swimming pool safety ring is much better than a life hook. It is a kind of floating rescue device that you can throw on someone struggling in the water to avoid drowning. They can hold into it and pull themselves up to keep their face out of the water. 

You can attach a rope to a swimming pool safety ring to pull the person out of the water if needed. A swimming pool safety ring should also be a must-have pool accessory that every pool owner should have. 

First Aid Kit 

A first aid kit should also be available that can be easily accessed when it is needed. Make sure to place a first aid kit near your swimming pool area. Let everyone in the household know where it is placed and tell them to get it in case of an emergency in the pool area. 

You should have the basic items inside your first aid kit, such as a bandage, scissors, antiseptic, alcohol, and the likes. You can then add more complex medical items inside your first aid kit that you think might be helpful. 

For example, if you have someone in your family who suffers from allergies or asthma, it would be best to have medicine for allergies or asthma inside the first aid kit just in case. Many things could happen in the middle of a fun swimming pool party, and being prepared might save someone’s life. 

Spine Board 

Although not necessary, it would still be best to have a spine board nearby. Swimming pool areas can be slippery and can endanger someone. Slipping is one of the major concerns you should consider when owning a pool, and a spine board can be a great help when this unfortunate event happens.

Choose a spine board made from quality material such as sturdy polymer material to ensure it can hold well. Plus, the spine board should have restraint straps, handholds and should have a beveled shape. 

Anti-Entrapment Equipment 

Did you know that you can get trapped on pool plumbings and fittings? Unfortunately, many have already died because they were drowned due to being trapped on plumbing and fitting. To avoid this from happening in your swimming pool, you must install anti-entrapment equipment

Purchasing drain covers is one of the simplest ways to avoid entrapment. Remember, children are not the only ones at risk of being entrapped in a swimming pool drain. Even adults are at great risk if they get caught, which can cause drowning and death.

You should not only focus on making your swimming pool safe on the surface. Go deeper and provide solutions to other safety concerns present inside the swimming pool itself. 

Be Vigilant

Pool Safety Equipment

Always be vigilant if you have a swimming pool at home. Never be complacent just because you do not have kids or everyone knows how to swim. Accidents can happen to everyone, but they can be prevented. Be prepared and make your swimming pool safe at all times by considering all of the swimming pool safety equipment mentioned above. 

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