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Different Pool Lights and Which Is the Right One for You

Different Pool Lights and Which Is the Right One for You

Swimming pool lights are added to the swimming pool to increase its aesthetic value, especially at night. No matter how beautiful your swimming pool is during the day, all of its beauty will disappear in the dark at night. 

Pool lights not only add beauty to your pool but to your entire backyard as well. It can provide light and will make your swimming pool usable even during the night. However, if you are planning to install lights on your swimming pool for whatever reason, you must first know the different types of pool lights and understand which one is best for you. 

LED Pool Lights

The first option you have for a swimming pool light is the LED pool lights. It is the most popular type of swimming pool light because of being an energy-efficient option. This option can be used on both in-ground and above-ground pools, which is why most people use it.

You can definitely save a lot of money if you choose LED pool lights. LED lights are so bright that you will only need a few bulbs to install in your pool. Moreover, it comes in different colors, so your options are comprehensive. 

LED lights are very inexpensive and can have a warranty of 7 to 15 years. So if you are looking for a quality, wide array of options and inexpensive pool light, then you might want to consider installing an LED light. 

Halogen Pool Lights 

Pool lights

If LED lights are bright, halogen pool lights are brighter. So if you are looking to make your pool area very bright at night, halogen light would be the best option. It can also be used on either in-ground or above-ground pools. 

Additionally, halogen pool lights are also inexpensive upfront. Therefore, this option is suitable if you want a pool light that can light up your pool area for an extended period. However, halogen lights are not energy efficient and can increase your electricity bill significantly. 

Another drawback of halogen pool light is that many pool owners notice that it tends to run hot, affecting your swimming experience. It is why this then-popular option of pool lights is not as widely used today as it was before.

Incandescent Pool Lights

Even in this day and age, incandescent lights are still an option for pool lighting. It is the oldest light amongst your options which is why you can only seldomly see them installed on a pool. However, some people still opt for incandescent pool lights because of the natural color their bulb emits. 

It is also an inexpensive light bulb. However, those are the only positive things an incandescent can provide you. There are more negative than positive when choosing incandescent pool light. For instance, incandescent light is very inefficient. It wastes 90% of the energy it consumes, which will also reflect on your electricity bill. 

Moreover, incandescent pool light has a short lifespan. It can only run for 1,000 hours on average. After it runs for 1,000 hours, the light bulb should be replaced as it won’t work anymore. If you use it on underwater pool lightings, it can be inconvenient to replace it every 1,000 hours. 

Fiber Optic Pool Lights

Another pool light option that is becoming famous nowadays due to its benefits is the fiber optic pool lights. One of the biggest hassles in having a pool light installed on a swimming pool is the changing of light bulbs. Fiber optic pool lights became the solution to this problem. 

Because the bulbs and the power source of the fiber optic pool lights are housed in a power box located far away from the pool, the light from the light bulbs then travels to the swimming pool through the thin cables consisting of fibers. 

If you choose to install a fiber optic pool light, you will need to do when it is time to change the light bulb or conduct a repair to open the power box and do your thing. There is no need to go in the pool or drain the pool to change light bulbs. 

It is also safe as there will be no electricity installed underwater, which can be dangerous at times. The negative thing about fiber optic is that the light appears dimmer. This is because as the light travels through the fiber cables, it tends to weaken as it hits the pool water. 

Another cons for fiber optic pool lights is that their light bulbs have a short lifespan and can be expensive. However, despite these downsides, pool owners love fiber optic pool light due to its flexibility. 

You can install the cable around your swimming pool and be programmed to do a stunning light show on your swimming pool at night. So, if you think that the good things outweigh the bad things regarding fiber optic pool light, then maybe this is what you are looking for. 

Different Pool Lighting Fixtures

After deciding what kind of light is the right option for you, it is time to choose what kind of fixture you will use for your pool. Pool lights can be installed on your swimming pool in multiple ways, which we will talk about. 

Flush-Mounted Underwater Lighting

The first option for you is flush-mounted underwater lighting. This type of pool light fixture is mounted inside your pool walls. If you do not want your pool fixtures to stick out of the wall, this is the right option. 

These options are becoming popular amongst pool owners nowadays. However, what you will need to watch out for when it comes to flush-mounted pool lights is that they are expensive to install, especially if the pool is already existing.

However, if you are still planning to build a swimming pool, it is best to add wall-mounted pool lights during the construction to save money on the installation. 

Surface-Mounted Underwater Lighting 

surface pool lights

Surface-mounted underwater lighting is the cheap alternative for flush-mounted underwater lighting. It is great to install on existing swimming pools as it does not need a lot of work. The light fixture will only be mounted on the surface of the swimming pool. 

It is an excellent option as it can provide all the things you need from a pool light. It can give enough lighting for the pool, is easy to install, and looks great. The surface-mounted underwater lighting is the most common type of pool light fixture you can find today. 

Pool Garden Lighting 

This option of light fixture is installed outside of your pool. It is usually installed on your landscaping, illuminating lights into your pool. If you choose to install this type of swimming pool light, it should be done using the right approach to achieve the best result. 

Moreover, pool garden lighting can also be installed along with other pool light fixtures placed inside the swimming pool. 

Flood Lighting

Flood lighting is best for large swimming pools as it can light up a large area. This is best to use on commercial swimming pools as they tend to be huge. Floodlighting consists of many light bulbs in one enclosure which is why it illuminates a very bright light. 

The downside to this type of pool light is that it can kill the ambiance of your swimming pool, because of how bright this pool light is, only a few residential pool owners opt for this pool light option.

Submersible and Floating Pool Lights

A submersible or floating pool lights are only used for lighting add ons on swimming pools. It is not commonly used as the primary light source in a pool but only as an accessory. It is best used during pool parties to add effect to the swimming pool water. 

Submersible and floating pool lights are mostly battery-operated or solar-powered. This type of pool light offered a lot of options to the pool owner. You can choose various shapes, colors, and sizes which can be a fun addition to your pool. 

Feature Lighting

Feature pool lights

Another type of pool light fixture is feature lighting. It is called feature lighting, as it is used to highlight certain features of your pool, such as a waterfall, a specific tree or bushes, or any landscaping feature that can add aesthetic value to your pool area.

You can choose different colors from blue, red, pink, purple, or green. In addition, you can mix and match different colors of feature lighting to add a stunning effect to your pool features. 

Beautify Your Pool With Lights 

Pool lights are the most effective way to beautify your swimming pool and its surrounding landscape. If you think there is no way your pool can be beautified, you are wrong. Install one or a combination of the mentioned pool lights and pool lighting fixtures, and you will see the best potential of your swimming pool area

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