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Everything You Need to Know About Bead Blasting

Everything You Need to Know About Bead Blasting

Have you seen pool tiles that look chalky? This white substance you see on your pool tiles is a calcium and mineral build-up due to the city’s hard water. Calcium and mineral build-up is a common occurrence in swimming pools no matter where you live.

This calcium and mineral build-up will make your pool uninviting and dirty, plus this build-up is tough to get rid of. Simple cleaning will not do the trick, which is why some pool cleaning service companies like Aloha Desert Pools offer bead blasting to remove this build-up on your pool. 

But how does bead blasting work? Is it effective? Here are all the things you need to know about bead blasting to help you decide whether to go for it or not. 

What is Bead Blasting?

Bead blasting is the best and most effective approach in getting rid of calcium and mineral deposits on your pool tiles. These deposits can make your pool tiles chalky and create a white line at the side of your swimming pool most of the time. 

The bead blasting method is what most pool cleaning companies do to remove this swimming pool eyesore and make your pool tiles look as good as new. The process of bead blasting uses recycled glass beads or crushed glass to blast the calcium and mineral deposit in high pressure. 

A specially designed blaster will be used to clean your swimming pool tiles until it achieves its goal. The goal in blasting is that you should expect clean, smooth, no more scaling pool tiles. It will definitely look good as new. 

Is It Safe for Bead Blast Your Pool Tile?

bead blasting

The bead blasting method is considered the safest pool cleaning method for pool tiles. The reason behind this is that blasting does not use any chemicals that can harm your health. In addition, because there are no chemicals used, there will be no contaminants left in the pool after the procedure. 

The constant exposure to chemicals can increase your risk of respiratory illnesses as well as skin irritations. This is why people who negatively respond to chemicals opt for blasting rather than chemical cleaning. 

Plus, bead blasting does not affect your swimming pool water chemical balance at all. Unlike what most people thought, bead blasting does not fade or damage the tile on your swimming pool. Some thought that your pool tiles would get damaged due to the material used and the high-pressure blasting. 

However, the truth is that bead blasting does not risk damage and fading your tiles. Moreover, the glass used in bead blasting is recycled glass which is a huge help in decreasing carbon footprint that is good for the earth.

Bead Blasting Tips 

If you want to experience the best result of the blasting, you must do it properly. Additionally, doing bead blasting seems time-consuming and inconvenient. Still, when you follow these tips, you will surely perform it without any hassle and achieve the result you are aiming for. 

Draing Pool

Start the process by draining your pool water partially. Make sure that the water level is 6 inches below the tiles. When your water level is low, you can easily access the calcium deposits so you can blast them off quickly. This way, your tile will get a proper bead blast cleaning. Additionally, you can opt to drain your pool completely if you want to clean the entire pool with bead blasting. 

Prepare The Necessary Equipment

Prepare all the equipment you need for the blasting. Majority pool owner does not have the right equipment needed for bead blasting. This is why you must contact a pool cleaning professional as they have everything they need to carry out the bead blasting. Plus, it will save you time and effort. 

Glass beads are the best material used in pool tile bead blasting. Although you can use sand and salt, there is nothing compared to the result of the blasting if you use glass beads.

Do not Use Chemicals

Never use any chemicals during bead blasting. You will see how good the result of the blasting will be, so leave your chemicals in your pool chemicals safe storage area. 

Commence the Blasting

Start blasting the calcium deposits you will find on your swimming pool tiles. Start from low-pressure blasting and see how well it works on the build-up of your pool. If you notice that low-pressure blasting does not remove the calcium and mineral build-up, increase the pressure until you reach a certain pressure that removes all the build-up. 

Blast through the tiles slowly and carefully remove the build-up of calcium and minerals on the tiles. 

Rinse thee Tile

Rinse the tiles as you go. It would be best if you had someone who would do the task of rinsing the tile while you are blasting it. As you finish blasting a portion of the pool, let the other guy rinse it with a garden hose. 

Filter the Pool Water

Run your pool pump to filter the water on the swimming pool if you only partially drain your pool. Expect some residue of the blasting will mix into the water. That is why it is essential to run your filter. 

Polish Them!

After blasting and rinsing the pool tiles, let them dry and apply polish. Polish will make your pool tiles look new and glossy. 

Enjoy a newly bead blast pool. 

How Long Does the Method Last?

cleaning pool by bead blasting

The length of the entire bead blasting procedure depends on the size of your pool and the severity of the build-up on the tiles. But, bead blasting mostly lasts up to 2 to 4 hours. You can be around as the bead blasting is ongoing to see how it was carried out. 

You can as well leave the cleaners alone and do their job. If you have some errands to run, you can leave the cleaner on your property. They will only need access to your pool anyways and nothing more. 

In Conclusion 

Bead blasting is the safest and most effective cleaning approach to remove calcium and mineral build-up on swimming pool tiles. You do not need to remodel and change your old pool tiles when you start seeing calcium and mineral deposits. Instead, you will need to perform a bead blast on your pool, and you will achieve a tile that is good as new with a much lower cost. 

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