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The Pros and Cons of a Retractable Pool Enclosure

The Pros and Cons of a Retractable Pool Enclosure

Did you know that a retractable pool enclosure is a thing? You might have heard a lot about pool enclosures and their respective pros and cons. However, you might not have heard a lot about retractable pool enclosure specifically, and you might not know that there is this available option for you. 

Now that you are acquainted with this type of pool enclosure, the question is, is it worth it? To answer that question, you have to check out the pros and cons of a retractable pool enclosure

The Advantages of a Retractable Pool Enclosure

A retractable pool enclosure is more advantageous than its other counterparts. Here are the reasons why choosing this type of pool enclosure is better. 

Experience a Great Swimming Time All-Year-Round

Having this type of pool enclosure in your pool area will give you great experiences no matter the weather. For example, during the summer, if you want to swim in the open air and enjoy the rays of the sun hitting your skin, then what you will need to do is retract the pool enclosure, and voila! Your pool is now al-fresco. 

During the winter, you will have to slide it through its tracks to cover your pool. Once your pool is already enclosed, you can now enjoy swimming even if it is freezing outside. A retractable pool cover gives you the best of both worlds: an al-fresco swimming pool and indoor swimming. 

Aesthetically Pleasing 

Retractable pool enclosures have great aesthetic value. It will make your pool look even more stunning with its design. In addition, most retractable pool enclosures are made from glass material, which will add a wow factor to your outdoor space. 

Provides Privacy Anytime You Need It 

retractable pool enclosure gives you privacy

If you opt for a this type of pool enclosure, you can acquire privacy within your pool area anytime you need it. However, it still allows you to open up the space whenever you feel more like it. 

Keeps Your Water Clean During Fall 

We all know how troublesome fall is to pool owners. You will find yourself constantly cleaning, skimming your swimming pool for leaves and debris. But, with a retractable pool enclosure, you can secure your pool during the fall and never see a single leaf floating on your water. 

Isn’t it a great help in reducing the amount of time you spend cleaning your swimming pool? If you get the chance to own a pool enclosure, you will surely fall in love with it. 

Quality Material Used

Retractable pool enclosures are made from the same material as the fixed pool enclosure, which is why you will never have to worry about its lifespan. The only difference is that the fixed enclosure will be permanently standing around your pool area all year round. 

A Lot of Design to Choose From 

There are so many designs you can choose from if you want to install a pool enclosure on your pool. It is also highly customizable according to your wants and needs. So, there will never be a dull moment if you own a pool enclosure. 

More Enjoyment for Your Family and Friends

Because your swimming will be accessible all year round, it can provide more enjoyment to your loved ones. In addition, your friends will surely come over to your home to enjoy your stunning and comfortable swimming pool, even if it is snowing outside. 

Added Protection for Kids and Pets

This pool enclosure can also act as a safety layer for your pool. It will keep kids and pets away from the pool, thus preventing drowning. Additionally, you can let the enclosure cover the pool if not in use so that you can be confident that no one will be in danger. 

The Disadvantage of a Retractable Pool Enclosure

retractable pool enclosure is expensive

All good things also come with some cons. However, when it comes to our retractable pool enclosure, most people notice the only con is the price. Compared to a fixed pool enclosure, a retractable pool enclosure is more expensive

Depending on the materials and design, a fixed pool enclosure can range from $8 to $15 per square foot. However, a retractable pool enclosure can range from $75 to $200 per square foot, depending on the material used and design. 

Other than the cost of this pool enclosure, there are no other disadvantages noticed on this option. Pool owners who choose to install this type of pool enclosure instead of a fixed one are very happy and satisfied with their choice. 

Quality Retractable Pool Enclosure Features

If you want to install this pool enclosure on your pool, make sure to choose the top-quality enclosure available. You need to watch out for features to ensure that the retractable pool enclosure you have is high quality. These features are: 

  • It can be opened and closed without much effort. If your pool enclosure won’t slide smoothly, it means that there is something wrong with its mechanism. A high-quality pool enclosure will not have this kind of mechanical issue. 
  • Quality materials are durable and reliable. The materials used in building your enclosure should withstand the harshest weather. 
  • A retractable pool enclosure should be easy to maintain and operate. 
  • Perfect functionality and performance.
  • The retractable pool enclosure should be incorporated with modern technology.
  • The manufacturer of the enclosure you are going to install should offer a warranty. The better the warranty offered by the manufacturer, the better the product they are selling. Warranties are one of the things you can use to know whether a specific product is of high quality or not. 
  • The design of the enclosure looks good in your pool area. It should complement your backyard and enhance its beauty. 

Is Retractable Pool Enclosure Worth It?

The answer to this question is yes. The retractable pool enclosure is worth it and is highly recommended for pool owners in Arizona. There are so many benefits you can get while only needing to face one disadvantage. So, now that you know the pros and cons of this type of pool enclosure, it is now time to order and install one. 

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