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Tips on How to Enjoy Pool in Winter

swimming pool in winter

Tips on How to Enjoy Pool in Winter

So you love spending time in your pool, no matter the weather. The cold does not bother you, and you want to enjoy your pool even if it is freezing outside. This idea should not stay in your thoughts anymore as there are tips you can follow to enjoy your pool in winter. 

As the weather starts to transition, Arizona is starting to feel a decrease in the temperature. There will only be two months left until we officially enter winter. If that day comes and you still want to hang out at your pool, here are some tips that you can follow to continue doing pool parties during the cold months. 

Wear a Swimming Gear 

Complete swimming gear is the best protection you can get if you want to swim during the cold months. Make sure that you will wear an overall and a swim cap. Opt to use a silicone swim cap as it can make your hair dry, which will help when you get out of water. 

You might as well wear some earplugs. Earplugs are known to help your core temperature up while it protects your ears from infections. So, if you are thinking of swimming in your pool in the cold months, then you must have complete swimming gear. 

Install a Swimming Pool Heater 

heat up pool in winter

A pool heater should be used if you want to swim in winter. Pool water heaters can make your pool water warm during the winter, making it more tolerable to swim into. If you think that you are the only one who loves to swim during the cold months, think twice. 

There are so many residents in Arizona and the entire United States who love swimming so much that they do not care what the weather may be. And one thing that helps them is the pool heater. So, if you are planning to swim this winter, it would be best to buy a pool heater if you do not have one yet. 

The purpose of a pool heater is to extend the pool owner’s swimming season. You can adjust the water temperature, depending on your preference, and enjoy swimming in your pool even if it is freezing cold outside. 

Install a Retractable Pool Enclosure 

You read it right. There is such a thing as a retractable pool enclosure that you can choose to install on your pool area. This type of pool enclosure can be retracted during the summer so that you can enjoy the direct sunlight while swimming in your pool. 

On the other hand, the retractable pool enclosure can be slid along its tracks to cover your pool completely during winter. You will find that a retractable pool enclosure is a very valuable piece of pool equipment as it can let you swim in your pool all year round. 

Cover Your Pool Every After Use

Covering your pool after you use it can help prevent the heat from escaping the pool. It will also help make your pool water cleaner by avoiding dirt and debris from entering the pool. This will make your pool ready any time you want to use it. 

If you want to make your swimming pool usable throughout the winter, then it would be best to opt for a solar cover. It is a great cover that can keep your water warm even during winter. It is also easy to install and use because of being lightweight. 

While Inside the Pool 

If you go swimming, make sure that you stay inside the pool and only get out of the water when you decide you are done swimming for the day. Keep your body submerged in the water to keep your body temperature high

Swim as much as you can so that your body will generate heat. A few warm-up laps can jump-start your body and can produce enough heat to start your swimming pool fun. It is also advised to blow bubbles by submerging yourself into the water to prevent shock and stabilize your breathing. 

When Getting Out 

Now that you are done swimming, it is now time to get out of the water. But how will you do it without getting frozen? Simple. Just get out of the water quickly, as adrenaline will keep your temperature become stable for a few minutes.

Hurry and pat yourself with the towel and wear a thick bathrobe. It is also best to go directly to the shower and run it with warm water and stay there for a few minutes until you are all properly rinsed. After rinsing, make sure that you cover your feet and head as you will lose a lot of heat in these places.

Train Yourself to Resist the Cold

If you swim in the cold regularly, this will train your body to adapt to this kind of situation. As a result, you will slowly build a resistance to the cold over time. Thus, making this a habit can not only extend your swimming pool fun but will also help you train your body. 

As you constantly do this, you will notice that you can ensure being in the cold every winter. In addition, you will start to notice that you can swim outside during the winter longer than you used to. So, train yourself and become more resistant to the cold. 

Enjoy Your Pool Without Swimming in It 

pool in winter party

Enjoying your pool does not necessarily mean that you need to swim in it. You also enjoy your pool by doing other activities you and your family will enjoy. For example, you can host a poolside party, make yourselves warm using a firepit and wine. 

You can also make use of your pool by hosting games such as boat races or pool fishing. These can be a lot of fun, especially if you get to do them with your family. Install a shade structure on the side of your pool and set up an outdoor dining area. 

You will surely appreciate the change of settings while you enjoy the snow falling from the sky. Invite your friends over, and you can think of more activities you can do during this winter. 

Winter Should Also Be Fun 

Winter should be fun. It should not stop you from doing what you love. If you love enjoying your pool all year round, even during winter, follow the mentioned tips, and you will surely start a new family tradition. This tradition will make your winter fun every year. 

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