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How To Use Less Chlorine To Save on Chlorine Tablets and Granules

How To Use Less Chlorine To Save on Chlorine Tablets and Granules

Did you know that there are ways you can save on chlorine granules and tablets without doing a major conversion on your sanitizing system? It means that you will be using less chlorine and save money at the same time. Isn’t that wonderful? 

There are three ways you can make this happen:

  1. Utilize liquid chlorine instead.
  2. Use this wonderful product named Pool RX.
  3. Try sunken treasures.

However, before you jump and start doing these three suggested tips, you must also know their pros and cons. This is to be aware of the possible things that can happen and avoid damaging your pool. 

Using Chlorine Liquid as an Alternative

liquid chlorine

One of the main reasons you should reduce the use of chlorine tablets and granules is the shortage. Currently, the United States has an enormous shortage of chlorine tablets and granules. 

This is due to the high demand for chlorine because of the pandemic. Plus, the fire that happened and damaged a bio lab facility in Louisiana.

So, if you are one of those pool owners who have trouble searching for chlorine granules and tablets to sanitize your pool, then this one’s for you. Instead of stressing yourself out in search of granular and tablet chlorine, why not use liquid chlorine in the meantime?

There is no noticeable shortage of liquid chlorine. This is why you can use it while waiting for the recovery of the chlorine granules and tablet industry. But be aware. Liquid chlorine evaporates quickly compared to granules or tablets. 

With that being said, it is advised to check your chlorine level every two days. Never go beyond two days before checking your pool chemistry to ensure that your pool is still well sanitized. This is because liquid chlorine dissolves immediately in the water, thus increasing its evaporation rate.

If you notice that your pool’s chlorine level is low, you must add some more liquid chlorine. This option is a bit laborious, inconvenient, and expensive. However, it will help you get through the scarcity of chlorine that we are currently in. 

Using Pool RX 

use pool RX with Chlorine Tablets
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The next thing you can do to save on chlorine granules and tablets, plus use less chlorine on your pool, is to use Pool RX. You can use it along with a small number of chlorine granules or tablets. Pool RX is a wonderful pool product that helps sanitize your pool without using a lot of chlorine. 

We previously made a blog regarding all the things you know about Pool RX. This aims to help pool owners understand the benefits of this product. 

The only downside of Pool RX is that it uses copper to sanitize your pool. Some pool owners might not want the thought of having copper in their swimming pool. The reason behind this is that most of the time, copper can stain your pool. 

Copper is one of the minerals in city water that causes staining on your pool’s surface. However, just what I just mentioned, copper is already present in your pool water, so whether you use Pool RX or not, you will still experience staining. 

Despite having copper as Pool RX’s main ingredient, there are still a lot of pool owners who love the product. Moreover, it can greatly help you sanitize your pool while still experiencing a shortage of pool chlorine. 

Once you try to use it and love the result, you can continue using it even after the shortage problem. Or, if you feel uncomfortable using it, you can tolerate it for now and not use it once the chlorine issue has been resolved. 

Furthermore, if you are looking for a long-term solution to reducing chlorine in your pool without spending a lot of money on saltwater conversion, this is a great product you must consider. Balance the pros and cons and see how this product will benefit you. 

Using Sunken Treasure 

For those not familiar with this item, you might be thinking about what sunken treasure is. And no, we are not going to play pirates in your swimming pool. A sunken treasure is a tablet holder much like a chlorine floater, but instead, it sinks at the bottom of your pool. 

It is a very helpful device in cutting down chlorine tablet usage by up to 50%. So, for instance, if you have been using six chlorine tablets before, with the sunken treasure, you can now start lowering it down to 3. 

The sunken treasure holds the chlorine tablet and keeps them underwater and not on the surface. Unfortunately, this will make the chlorine tablets dissolve and scatter throughout your pool water. 

Chlorine that sits on the pool’s surface tends to degrade and evaporate more quickly due to the high temperature. Thus using a sunken treasure keeps chlorine tablets under, away from the sun where it is cooler, which increases the lifespan of the chlorine. 

If the chlorine level in your pool is balanced, then you will never have to add more chlorine tablets into your swimming pool. This is where you can reduce the utilization of chlorine chemicals and save a lot of money. 

The Benefits of Using Less Chlorine 

enjoy pool with less Chlorine Tablets

Even though using chlorine is important to keep your pool sanitized and algae at bay, it still has some downside if used too much. This is why many pool owners are looking for a way to reduce the chlorine in their pool water while it does not disrupt the benefits it provides. 

When you start using sanitation alternatives or utilize chlorine very well, you might encounter these benefits of using less chlorine for your pool. 

  • You will save a lot of money from chlorine purchases.
  • Lesser eye and skin irritation due to chloramines.
  • Lesser strong chlorine odors, especially in indoor pools. 
  • You will never have to worry too much about storing a lot of chlorine in your home.

To Sum It Up 

The scarcity of chlorine tablets and granules limits the chlorine supply and brings the price up. With these tips that we share, may you find the one suitable for you and your pool and never have to worry about the availability and the price increase of chlorine. 

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