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How to Replace a Zodiac Baracuda G3 Diaphragm

If you own a Zodiac Baracuda G3 suction pool cleaner, chances are you have encountered problems with its diaphragm. The Baracuda G3 diaphragm is the suction pool cleaner’s part that tears the most. However, it is also the part of the pool cleaner that is easy to replace.

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How to Change the Sand in Your Sand Pool Filter

The sand pool filter is one of the most popular options for most pool owners. It is a cost-efficient option that works well in filtering your pool water. Unfortunately, the sharp edges of the sand filter wear out over time which decreases its efficacy.

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Everything You Need to Know About Bead Blasting

Have you seen pool tiles that look chalky? This white substance you see on your pool tiles is a calcium and mineral build-up due to the city’s hard water. Calcium and mineral build-up is a common occurrence in swimming pools no matter where you live. 

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Green to Clean: How to Clear Up a Green Pool

The growth of algae commonly causes green pools. If your pool is starting to become green, it means that the pool has little to no chlorine in it. Chlorine is known to be the number one effective pool chemicals in eliminating algae. Thus, a pool without it becomes cloudy and green in color.

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Top Reasons Why You Should Drain Pools

People drain pools for a lot of reasons. Draining pools are a part of healthy swimming pool maintenance to keep its overall quality. If you think that pool maintenance only includes repairs and cleanings, you are wrong.

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How to Properly Remove Pool Stains

No matter how thoroughly you clean and maintain your pool, stains will still appear on your pool surface. Furthermore, pool stains are very embarrassing, especially for the pool owner. It will make your pool look old and dirty even though you just cleaned it.

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