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Top Reasons Why You Should Drain Pools

Top Reasons Why You Should Drain Pools

People drain pools for a lot of reasons. Draining pools are a part of healthy swimming pool maintenance to keep its overall quality. If you think that pool maintenance only includes repairs and cleanings, you are wrong. 

There are also other reasons why you must drain pools. It is a task included in your responsibility as a pool owner that you must not forget. Here are the reasons why you should drain your pool so that you can know when is the right time to do it. 

If You Need to Clean the Pool 

The first and common reason for swimming pool draining is cleaning. For example, your pool has been filled with water for quite a while now, or you notice algae growing and stains making your pool dirty and old. 

In these circumstances, you will need to drain pools to perform an acid wash in them. Acid wash is a type of cleaning approach used by pool owners and pool experts alike to get rid of stains and clean the pool thoroughly. 

A typical day-to-day cleaning routine can only include skimming, brushing, and vacuuming. However, an acid wash cleaning is necessary once every five to seven years. And when you do an acid wash, draining your pool is a must.

Pool Repair

drain pools

Every swimming pool will encounter damages no matter how well it is maintained. A swimming pool’s surface will be damaged over time. Cracks and tears will be noticeable on your swimming pool surface, and a repair should be done. 

Pool repairs can not be done if the swimming pool is filled with water. The pool should be drained first before the repair to ensure that it is properly carried out. It is the easiest way for the pool repair service to assess and reach the damages on the pool. 

So, if a repair is scheduled, it is best to drain pools first and so that the repair company can inspect them and repair them accordingly. 

Painting Your Pool 

Aside from repair, if you think your pool needs fresh paint, draining will be done. You cannot possibly paint your pool if there is still water in it. It will also be best to schedule pool painting along with the repair so that you will not need to drain your pool every time. 

It is always best to drain your pool during hot and dry days. Leave your pool for a couple of days to completely dry before you start painting it. If you have drained your pool many times before, this can be very easy for you.

You will not need to hire a professional to drain and paint your pool, as you can do this independently. However, if you haven’t drained pools before, then it is best to contact an expert, as draining pools is not as easy as it sounds. 

When Pool Chemistry Is Imbalance

Imbalanced pool chemistry should not be neglected as it can be harmful to the swimmers. This is why you will hear a lot about swimming pool chemical balance on all swimming pool-related websites. This only shows how important having correct swimming pool chemistry is. 

Once you notice that your pool’s chemicals are unstable, it is best to drain the water immediately. In addition, checking your swimming pool water’s chemistry should be done regularly to know whether there is an imbalance or not. 

Too little or too much chlorine in the pool is not good. Too little chlorine means that dirt and algae in the swimming pool will not be eliminated properly. On the other hand, high levels of chlorine can be harmful too. 

Sweat, skin products, and other organic compounds can react with a high level of chlorine. When this reaction occurs, swimmers can experience skin and eye irritation, plus your pool will smell like chlorine. 

Drain Pools Due to Weather 

drain pools due to weather

During winter, it is advised to drain your pool partially. It is not recommended to drain the water from it fully. Draining a pool completely during the cold season will only damage your liner. It will cause tears and rips to the liner as it dries out, shrinks, and crack.

If you live in a location that experiences a dry climate, then draining your pool can also save it from damages. This is because, during dry and hot seasons, the water in your swimming pool evaporates quickly. 

This means that you will need to refill and add chemicals to the pool constantly. But, if you drain your pool, add fresh water to it, and add the right amount of chemicals to balance the pool’s pH, then you can save more money than adding chemicals constantly as the pool evaporates. 

Is Draining Pool Safe?

We must talk about the difficulty of pool draining. What you must know first is that pool draining can be dangerous. It can damage your pool totally if not performed correctly. In addition, there is the danger of the hydrostatic pressure that can lift your swimming pool floor and damage it. 

Then there is the backfill and bowl effect that can pose a danger in damaging your swimming pool. These are just a few dangers related to draining a swimming pool. Just like what was mentioned earlier, draining a pool is not as easy as it sounds. 

Some pool owners have the confidence to carry out a DIY pool draining session on their pool. However, if you are not that confident, you should let the expert handle it for you. It will not only save you time and effort, but it will also save you money. 

If you do not know what you are doing and still drain pools on your own, then there will be a huge chance the pool will get damaged, and you will not have a choice but to spend money on expensive repair and rehabilitation of your swimming pool. 

Pool experts offer their services to help pool owners like you who are not confident in doing difficult maintenance on their own, such as pool draining. Aloha Desert Pool would be glad to help you in draining your pool. Contact us now and ask for a free quotation. 

Draining Pools Are Important 

With all that has been said, draining pools is an important part of proper pool maintenance. Although improperly doing it can cause your pool to get damaged, it is still not good to skip draining your pool when it is time to do so. 

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