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How to Acid Wash Your Pool Properly

How to Acid Wash Your Pool Properly

Another maintenance step you will encounter if you own a pool is an acid wash. As the name suggests, it is a part of swimming pool maintenance where you will need to use acid to wash your swimming pool surface. 

Some pool owners are doing the acid wash on their own. So, if you are also planning to do an acid wash on your own, you should learn how to do it properly. Consequently, to help you start your DIY pool acid wash journey, here are the steps you need to take. 

Drain Your Swimming Pool 

drain your pool

Draining your swimming pool is important to achieve the best result when doing an acid wash. There are different ways of draining your pool. Choose the draining method that suits you. Draining your pool will take a while, and you must drain it completely. 

Before starting the draining process, you must make sure that any debris is removed from the water. You can use a swimming pool skimmer to remove all the dirt and debris from the pool water. Additionally, if your pool has an autofill, you must make sure that it is turned off. 

Prepare the Items Needed

When doing acid wash, you will need safety goggles, a mask, rubber boots, rubber gloves, pool brush, chlorine, muriatic acid, plaster white and brite additive, soda ash, and a watering can. You must have all these items on hand before even starting to drain your pool. 

The plaster white and brite is a product that can help thicken the acid solution, and the soda ash can help neutralize the acid that will be pumped out of your pool. This way, it will not damage the equipment you used to pump water out of your swimming pool. 

Change Into Proper Attire 

Change into the proper attire for an acid wash. Be reminded that you are handling acid and other chemicals that can be harmful to you. You can wear an overall PPE if you have one or opt for long sleeves and long pants. 

Wear a full-length glove, goggles, rubber boots, and mask. If you are doing the acid wash on a hot day, protect yourself by wearing a hat as you will be exposed directly to the sun. Never forget to wear a protection every time you do an acid wash.

Do the Chlorine Wash

This step is important if your pool has algae and stains. A chlorine wash will help you eliminate the stains and kill the algae and algae spores on your pool surface. You can pour the chlorine directly over the pool surface and give it a good scrub with the pool brush if the algae is too much. 

However, if there are only a few algae and stains on your pool, you can dilute the chlorine with water on the watering can. Then, pour your diluted chlorine over the surface of your pool and scrub it to remove all the algae and stain.

Once you thoroughly clean the entire pool, you can now give it a quick rinse using a garden hose. Rinse your pool thoroughly to prepare it for the acid wash. You can instantly notice a difference after the pool has been rinsed. It will look cleaner as stains and algae have been removed. 

Time for Acid Wash

acid wash your pool to clean

It is now time for the acid wash. First, make sure that someone will be helping you out at this stage. It would be best if you had someone that would rinse the acid off the surface of your pool using a garden hose as you scrub it. 

Mix the acid with water on the watering can. The ratio should be three parts water to one part acid. Add the plaster white and brite to the acid solution, following the instructions you can find on its bottle. Stir the solution properly. 

Prepare the pool for the acid wash process by adding the plaster white and brite plus some soda ash on the small water pool around the sump pump if you are using it. This way, the water around the pump will be neutralized, and the water with the acid won’t damage any equipment. 

Start acid washing by doing small sections at a time. Then, start pouring the acid solution until it covers that small section and brushes it right away to avoid streaking. It is also best that your partner will rinse it off right away after you scrub that section. 

Repeat until you cover your entire pool surface. It is best that rinsing follows great timing to avoid any streaking on the pool’s surface. It is also best to do the acid wash twice for the best results. 

Drain the Water on the Pool

Some water will be sitting at the bottom of the pool. This may be from the pool water that was not drained entirely, plus the water accumulated from the acid wash process. You have to drain it first. Drain as much as you can. 

If there is still some water left and it is impossible to get rid of it entirely, you must throw in a pound of soda ash to it. It will help neutralize the acid present in that small pool of water before filling your swimming pool with fresh water.

Fill the Pool With Fresh Water 

Once you are confident enough that acid is neutralized on the water, start filling up your pool with fresh water. Once the pool is completely filled, it would be best to add a good amount of conditioner

It would be best if you also shocked your pool to increase the chlorine level and test the pH of the water. Adjust as necessary. Make sure that you follow this step before you try to use the pool again. Now that you have successfully done an acid wash to your pool, you can now enjoy a clean pool that looks good as new. 

Additional Reminders 

acid wash reminder
  • Acid wash should only be done for swimming pools with concrete and gunite surfaces. 
  • Only do an acid wash once every five to seven years. You have to take note that doing an acid wash strips off a layer of your pool’s surface. It is why doing acid wash too often is not recommended. 
  • If you are not confident in doing an acid wash yourself, you should reach out to experts and let them do the job. Not only can you ensure the process is done correctly, but you can be rest assured your swimming pool and equipment will not be damaged. 
  • The acid and other chemicals used can be harmful to pets and humans. So, make sure no humans or animals are roaming around the pool during the acid wash process. Secure the area and never allow pets and humans nearby. 

Start Making Your Pool Look Like New

If you think you can properly carry out a swimming pool acid wash, then start doing the acid wash now. Follow the steps in this article and be reminded of the reminders posted, and you will surely make your swimming pool look brand new

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