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Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Top 8 Pool Vacuum Cleaner You Should Consider

A pool vacuum is a piece of staple equipment in swimming pool maintenance. It helps you clean your pool without exerting too much effort. It also helps keep algae at bay and make your swimming pool balanced. As a result, your swimming pool chemicals can become more effective.

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How to Unclog a Pump Impeller

A pool pump impeller is the part of your pump that creates the flow from your pool to your filter and vice versa. However, the pool pump impeller can clog up and will cause a decrease in the flow rate.

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Best Pool Heater

Which Is the Best Pool Heater?

The pool heater is one of the essential pieces of pool equipment that every pool owner must-have. Like any other state in the U.S., Arizona experiences cold months, and during this time, swimming in a heater-less pool becomes impossible.

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5 Most Common Pool Sand Filter Problems

A sand filter is the most popular type of filter today. Many pool owners convert their filters and choose to install a sand filter instead. Additionally, you will also experience a lot of benefits from using a sand filter like:

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