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When Is The Best Time To Run A Pool Pump?

Run A Pool Pump

When Is The Best Time To Run A Pool Pump?

After you successfully installed your swimming pool and added all the equipment and accessories needed, you might start to wonder. When is the best time to run your swimming pool pump?

Many pool owners did not know that running a pool pump was best done at a specific time to acquire some benefits. If you have not known it yet, it would be best to know when will be the best time to run your pump.

Running Your Pool at Night

In case you do not know, electric companies charge electricity differently throughout the day. The electric companies will base their charges on how much electricity the homeowners use in your area.  

When running your pool pump, you will need to figure out when the peak hours of electric consumption are and avoid running your pool pump in these hours. This way, you will never have to pay a higher electric charge for running your swimming pool pump. 

If your area consumes energy more at night and less by morning, you should schedule your pump to run every morning and vice versa. 

How to Know When Is the Peak Hours

You do not need to play detective and observe every household in your neighborhood to know when they use energy more often. Instead, you will have to call your energy service provider and ask about the rate schedule. 

You can also check your energy company website and check if they posted the rate schedule on their site. Most of the time, electricity is at its lowest during the night time when everyone is sleeping.

You can schedule your pump to run during wee hours to ensure that the energy rate is low. It is why you must invest in a noise-free pool pump to ensure that you and your neighbors won’t be disturbed when your pump runs while you are sleeping.

Running Your Pump During the Day

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Some pool owners opt to run their pool pump during the day. The reason behind this is that algae grow when the sun is at its strongest. Thus running the pump at midday can help with the algae buildup. 

If you need to run your pool for 8 hours straight during the day, it would be best to run your pool pump from 8 am to 4 pm. 

It is also best to let your pump run as you swim in your pool to ensure that there will be no debris, dirt, and insects that will interrupt the enjoyment of your pool time. 

Moreover, running your pool in the daytime can help slow down chlorine degradation in the swimming pool water. Chlorine degrades at a faster rate during the day as the sunlight is at its peak. 

So, When Is the Best Time to Run the Pump?

Running the pump of your swimming pool during the day or night has its respective benefits. However, it can be confusing when to turn on your pump and clean your pool water. Therefore, it could be more helpful if you run your pool pump at night and during the day.

Run the pump for 4 hours in the morning when the sunlight peaks. It will help you clean the pool, slow down algae growth and increase chlorine effectiveness.

You can then schedule the pool pump to run after midnight, where everyone is sound asleep and low electricity rate. Who told you that you could not get the best of both worlds? 

You will only need to be clever and create a schedule to run your pump during the most hours you can benefit from it. 

Furthermore, if you do not get a discount for running your pool pump during the wee hours, you should consider running it from 10 am to 6 pm every day. 

How Often Should You Run Your Pool Pump?

As a rule of thumb, a swimming pool speed pump should be kept running continuously all day long. However, if your electricity bills do not allow you to do this, it is best to run the pump once every 24 hours. 

When your pool is used heavily, it is best to run the pump twice a day. It will ensure that all the dirt, oil, insects, and leaves will be filtered out and leave your swimming pool clean after being used extensively. 

How long the cycle will take will depend on the pump used and the size of your swimming pool. You can check out the top five best pool pumps below and conduct a choice accordingly. 

Five Best Automatic Pool Pump

Run A Pool Pump

Installing an automatic pump will significantly help you schedule valuable run time for your swimming pool pump. If you are looking to upgrade your pool pump, here are the top five you should consider. 

These mentioned pool pumps are the most popular variable speed pool pump amongst pool owners and pool experts. Researching each of the mentioned speed pool pumps will help you know which one suits you best. 

When picking which pool pump to install, you should consider your needs and situation as each pump can provide you with different features and functions. 

Bottom Line

Knowing which is the best time to schedule a run time for your pump will ensure that you get the best out of your speed pool pump. Not only that, you must assure its effectiveness, you should also ensure efficiency. 

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