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adding chlorine tablets to pool

Tips On Adding Chlorine Tablets To Pool

Chlorine is known as an antiseptic for swimming pools. Adding chlorine to the water can kill germs or bacteria that lurks and causes diseases to swimmers. When the chlorine dissolves, it will form a weak acid called hypochlorous acid, which is known to be a primary disinfection agent.

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Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Top 8 Pool Vacuum Cleaner You Should Consider

A pool vacuum is a piece of staple equipment in swimming pool maintenance. It helps you clean your pool without exerting too much effort. It also helps keep algae at bay and make your swimming pool balanced. As a result, your swimming pool chemicals can become more effective.

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How to Unclog a Pump Impeller

A pool pump impeller is the part of your pump that creates the flow from your pool to your filter and vice versa. However, the pool pump impeller can clog up and will cause a decrease in the flow rate.

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Backwash Pool Sand Filter

How to Backwash Pool Sand Filter

If you have just installed your swimming pool or converted your swimming pool filter into a sand filter, you might still not know how to conduct proper backwash. Each pool filter has a different way of backwash process.

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Air In Your Pool Pump

How to Fix Air In Your Pool Pump

One of the pool pump’s significant problems is when the pump sucks in air. If this happens, the pump will lose its prime and won’t circulate water properly. Hence, making sure that the pump won’t suck air in is crucial.

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