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Best Pool Heater

Which Is the Best Pool Heater?

The pool heater is one of the essential pieces of pool equipment that every pool owner must-have. Like any other state in the U.S., Arizona experiences cold months, and during this time, swimming in a heater-less pool becomes impossible.

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5 Most Common Pool Sand Filter Problems

A sand filter is the most popular type of filter today. Many pool owners convert their filters and choose to install a sand filter instead. Additionally, you will also experience a lot of benefits from using a sand filter like:

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How to Choose the Best Pool Pump and Filter

Choosing the best and the right pool pump and filter significantly impacts how long your swimming pool lasts. Unfortunately, not all pool pumps and filters are the same. This is why it is important for you to know how to choose the best pump and filter for your swimming pool.

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Standard Pool Equipment You Must Have

There is a long list of pool equipment available for all pool owners. Some are necessary to have, some can be optional, and some are for luxury purposes only. As a pool owner, it can be hard to choose which equipment is essential, optional, or luxury.

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