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Top Picks of DE Powder for Best Filtration Result

DE Powder

Top Picks of DE Powder for Best Filtration Result

DE or Diatomaceous Earth is one of the most popular swimming pools in the country. The DE filter became popular amongst pool owners because of its ability to filter out debris up to 2-3 microns. 

With that being said, a DE filter will make your swimming pool a lot cleaner than using a sand or cartridge filter. 

However, like with the sand or cartridge filter, DE should also be replaced when necessary. Here are the top picks of DE powders that will give you a satisfactory result. 

Dicalite Pool Diatomaceous Earth Filter Powder

DE Powder

The DE powder highly recommended by many pool experts is the Dicalite Pool Diatomaceous Earth Filter Powder

This top-rated swimming pool filter powder is labeled as flux-calcined DE powder. Flux-calcined diatomaceous earth is made for filtration applications due to its high permeability. 

If you are looking for an excellent DE powder for your swimming pool filtration system, you might want to consider Dicalite Pool DE Filter Powder. It can filter out minor debris and bacterias, algae, amoebas, and any foreign matter present in your swimming pool. 

You can be assured that your swimming pool will be free of impurities, and your pool water will be crystal clear. If you are looking for a high-grade filter powder, you should pick Dicalite to replace your current and worn-out DE filter powder. 

Celatom DE Filter Media

Another excellent option that will surely give you the best result is the Celatom DE Filter Media. Many pool owners who used Celatom claimed that no other DE filter media could substitute Celatom. 

Celatom is the number one brand primarily used for swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs worldwide due to its unique chemical characteristics. Celatom provides the best water clarification and filtration that you will physically see through your sparkling swimming pool water.

You will never be worried about the safety of the swimmers who will use your swimming pool if you choose to use Celatom DE Filter Media as your filter powder replacement. 

This filter media option will also increase filter productivity, reducing the use of chlorine or shock. You will be confident that the Celatom DE Filter Media will filter all elements associated with water-borne diseases. 

Aquaperl Perlite Filter Media

The third on the list is the Aquaperl Perlite Filter Media. Use this lightweight DE as a direct replacement for DE filter media. It makes your water crystal clear and improves filter operation for maximum protection against bacteria, algae, and debris. 

Using the Aquaperl Perlite Filter Media, you can be assured that it is all-natural as it is non-carcinogenic and chemically inert. Additionally, this filter media is easy to handle due to its lightweight mass, as it weighs half the traditional DE filter. 

Another thing that you will love about Aquaperl Perlite Filter Media is that it helps you save time. It will quickly complete a backwash process, which means less time spent cleaning the filter. 

Robelle DE Filter Powder

The Robelle DE Filter Powder made it into our top four recommended DE powders for your swimming pool filter. 

It is an all-natural, porous DE powder from the fossilized exoskeleton of diatoms. You can get an exceptional filter media that effectively traps debris, contaminated particles, and microorganisms. 

Get the maximum performance of your DE filtration system by replacing the DE powder every time you backwash your pool. The Robelle DE Filter Powder multi-pack contains six pounds of easy-to-carry bags for added convenience when handling. 

HTH DE Filter Aid

DE Powder

Last but not least is the HTH DE filter aid. It will keep your DE filter to its maximum performance as it removes particles as small as 2-3 microns. Because of this, your swimming pool will be crystal clear and clean for your friends and family to use. 

If you have difficulty cleaning your pool, using the HTH DE filter aid will surely make a difference. 

You will never have to exert too much effort and time on cleaning your pool ever again. If you are looking for such convenience, choosing the HTH DE filter aid will be your right choice. 

How to Add DE Powder to Your Pool Safely

Once you have chosen which DE powder is best for your swimming pool filtration system, the next thing you need to figure out is how you can add the DE powder into your filter. Remember, do not use DE powder on cartridges and sand filters.

Do not add the DE powder directly into the pool filter. Instead, you will dump it on the skimmer closest to your filtration system. Open the skimmer, then when you see the water in the skimmer is swirling, you can add the powder slowly. Wear a mask to avoid inhaling the DE powder into your lungs

Diatomaceous earth powder, when inhaled, can irritate your nose and nasal passages. If you inhale a large amount of the powder, you will start to cough and have difficulty breathing. 

Wearing gloves is also a must. Diatomaceous earth powder can also cause skin irritation and dryness when it directly contacts your skin. 

When you add the powder to your skimmer, use a scooper, then add one scoop at a time on your skimmer. Check the manufacturer’s recommendation on how much powder you should add to the skimmer. 

Additionally, to protect your eye from the irritation caused by the DE powder, wear goggles. Once it reaches your eyes, it can cause eye irritation that can be very inconvenient. Once skin or eye irritation, wash it with running water and soap. If irritation continues, seek medical help. 

Boost the Performance of Your DE Filter

Choosing the suitable DE powder to add to your swimming pool is the key to improving the filtration performance of your DE filter. It is why you should use this recommendation to ensure that you will only use high-grade and highly-effective Diatomaceous Earth Powder for your swimming pool needs. 

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