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Chlorine Wash Pool: How To Do It Properly

Chlorine Wash Pool: How To Do It Properly

If your pool has been left uncleaned and unused for a long time, expect algae to form on your pool. The only thing that can help to get rid of this algae is to chlorine wash pool.

Chlorine washing your swimming pool is another effective way to clean your pool. If you do not want to use acid to wash your pool this approach can be your next best option. If you plan to conduct a chlorine wash in your pool, here are the steps that you need to follow. 

Drain Your Swimming Pool

drain to chlorine wash pool

Before you proceed in chlorine wash you need to drain your pool first. Use the waste line and motor system of your pool to do it properly.

Here’s the simple procedure on how to drain your pool properly.

  • Inspect first the water discharge regulations before draining your pool so you can dispose of the water correctly. Most communities forbid pumping water into street sewers or gutters because this violates the local code. Rather, you need to drain your pool into your sewer clean-out port. 
  • To provide correct information on how to drain your pool properly, it is better to call the water and sewer department to assist you.

Apply Liquid Chlorine

Chlorine is a very known pool sanitizer. Its functions include sanitation, disinfection, and oxidation. This means, your pool needs chlorine to remove all residual to keep your pool healthy and safe.

When chlorine washing your pool, the best type of chlorine to use is the liquid type. If you’re done draining your pool, get a can or some container and put in chlorine and water. This solution is the one you will be used in deep cleaning your swimming pool. 

Coat the Side of the Pool

Once the solution is ready, apply the chlorine to the sides of your swimming pool. Slowly pour the chlorine solution on the top edge of your swimming pool. This will ensure that the chlorine will wash down and coat the side of your pool evenly.

  • You do not need to use unmixed chlorine solution. The measurement in mixing chlorine is simple. You will only have to add half of the chlorine to the watering can or empty container. The rest will be water, make sure the chlorine is thoroughly mixed. If you notice your chlorine wash is not sufficiently washing off the algae from your pool, add some more chlorine in the solution. This will increase the amount of chlorine.
  • If you’re looking for a quality product that cleanses your pool, it is recommended to purchase liquid chlorine directly from home and garden supplies stores. 

Coat the Bottom of the Pool

after chlorine wash pool

After applying the solution on the sides of the pool, repeat the procedure at the bottom of your pool. From one end to the other region of the pool pour the chlorine solution to the entire surface. 

Then, pour the remaining mixture at the entire bottom of the pool. Ensure the entire bottom of the pool is properly washed with the chlorine solution.

Scrub Away the Algae

After chlorine washing, you will notice that there are some algae left on the pool surfaces, get a bristled brush, dip it into the chlorine mixture and scrub it rigidly until the algae are completely removed.

If you are done scrubbing the residual algae, inspect the entire surface and ensure that there are no more algae left. However, scrubbing is not enough to get rid of dirt or algae from your pool. 

Try to repeat washing your pool with enough chlorine and small amounts of water to guarantee that your pool is completely clean and algae-free.

Rinse the Pool

After washing your pool with chlorine, it is now time to rinse your swimming pool with water on both sides and the bottom of the pool. This will completely wash off algae that grows and that has been loosened during the scrubbing operation. Also, remove the algae that are left in between cracks and crannies.

  • Completely rinse your pool using a container that is filled with enough water. Simply, pour the water around the surface of the pool, just as you did in the washing chlorine procedure.
  • Another thing is, you can burst the pressure washer to spray all over the surface of the pool to ensure to get rid of the algae and keep your pool clean and fresh. 
  • Your garden hose is also a great tool to help you rinse off all the chlorine in your pool. 

Pump Out the Water from the Pool

Once you have already rinsed your pool with water, you must pump the dissolved algae and liquid out from your pool. Just use your pump and motor system in removing the liquid as you did in draining your pool.

Re-fill Pool With Fresh City Water 

clean city water

Once all the dirty water has been pumped out of the pool, you can now re-fill your swimming pool with fresh and clean city water. Re-fill the pool like how you usually do and wait for 30 minutes. 

After 30 minutes have passed you can now move on to the next step shown below. 

Test Swimming Pool Chemicals

To prevent your pool from algae you need to maintain sufficient chemical levels. After you chlorine wash pool and after re-filling your pool with fresh water, test your pool to know the balance of the chemicals on the water as well as the pH of your pool. 

Moreover, it is recommended to test your pool two to three times a week to ensure the chlorine, bromine, and alkalinity levels are within the range. Use pool test strips to test your pool. 

Dip the strip into the water following the manufacturer’s instructions and check the result. Normally, if the pool chemical level is off, the test strips show a certain color.

  • Specifically, if the level is normal, the test strips will show blue color. But if it is level off, it will show green or yellow color.
  • If your pool chemical levels are off, apply a suitable product such as chlorine, bromine, and other products. Make sure the chemical is correctly measured that is acceptable to your pool level.
  • Remember, the measurement of the chemical you need to apply depends on the size of your pool. If you are not sure of the measurement better to consult pool services to help you determine the exact quantity.

Clean the Pool Pump and Filter

The pool pump and filter are the recommended tools for cleaning the swimming pool. This equipment is very useful so it is very important if you do aftercare more often to prevent damage and clog. 

Additionally, the role of the pump and filter is essential and must be clean from time to time especially after doing a chlorine wash. If you keep your equipment clean it will work effectively and help your pool be healthy and safe.

  • If you clean, turn off first your pump and release the pressure on the filter.
  • Detach the filter head of the filter and slip the filter out of the filtration unit.
  • Spray the filter down using a high-pressure hose. Once done, replace the cartridge and close the top filtration unit.
  • For proper guidance, consult the pool services or read the manual and follow the proper procedures.

Call An Expert Now!

If you are busy folk and all that was listed above is quite a handful for you, you might want to consider contacting pool service chandler az, and ask for assistance in chlorine washing your swimming pool. 

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