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Reasons and Easy Fix for DE Filter Clog

DE Filter

Reasons and Easy Fix for DE Filter Clog

DE Filters or Diatomaceous pool filter is the best-known filter. It is a high-grade powder grain from tiny fossilized exoskeletons of algae-like water plants classed diatoms.

It provides an outstanding performance filtration which can compact and filter small particles comparable to sand cartridge filters. Also, these filters are considered to be the most productive filter. It is because they trap tiny particles, debris, and other contaminants in pool water as small as 20 microns.

Chemically, diatomaceous earth consists mostly of silica or also known as silicon dioxide as one of the most bountiful compounds. 

There are three types of filters used in pools such as a cartridge, sand, and diatomaceous earth. But the best type of filters that most residential pool owners and pool maintenance that preferably use are the DE filters.

Here are the common problems and solutions you should know and apply when your pool filters are clogging.

Clogging Caused by Algae

Those who own a pool also experience algae that grow inside the pool DE filter. When this happens expect that your DE pool filter will get clogged. If this constantly happens it means that residue from the past algae is still intact in your filter. 

To avoid this from happening, always ensure that when you clean your pool and treat it for algae, you should also clean your pool DE filter grid. Wash the tank and the grid with a hose to completely clean it. 

If you are experiencing severe algae infestation, the best way to deal with it is to soak your DE filter grid with a 10% bleach solution. Leave it for a few minutes, the longer the better and then rinse it with clean water. 

Clogging Caused by Oil

DE Filter

Oils are another reasons why DE filters are clogged. It is brought onto your pool by the wind or by the swimmers who used your swimming pool. Once the oil gets in, it can get caught in your pool filter. Oils always find their ways to enter the filter

Another reason that will bring oil to your pool is pool lubricants. If you notice oils in your swimming pool it can be a major issue. Use a pool degreaser or a pool filter cleaning product. Soak the grid to get rid of the oils on your pool filter. 

This is the best treatment that you can do every year to ensure your pool is free from oil. This way you can prevent the clogging of filters. Moreover, if you experience severe oil issues in your pool, you can use a pool enzyme. Alternatively, choose a DE Powder substitute that has extra-absorbent properties than DE powder.

Furthermore, the pool enzymes help reduce a layer of dirt on the surface of your pool and prevent unattractive foaming. 

Clogging Caused by Scale

The additional type of clogging material aside from oil is scaly. These scales are formed because of minerals like calcium and magnesium. Scaling is a common occurrence in areas with hard water and can be a result of a solution used on your pool for some situations. Moreover, a DE filter grid holds and does not remove the scale. 

By using 10% acid solution, in a 10 gallon of water pour a muriatic acid. Dip the grid assembly for a few hours to remove the scale that coated the DE filter’s grid. Moreover, another way to eliminate the scale is to use a DE filter cleaner. 

Added to this, DE filters are easy to maintain but they also need frequent cleaning. With the help of DE filter cleaners, it helps your diatomaceous earth filter clean swiftly and easily. This way you can ensure that it functions correctly without putting in too much effort.

Furthermore, if you clean your DE Filter with this filter cleaner will develop better filtration, longer life cycles, and lessened maintenance costs. To clean your filter with the use of DE filter cleaner, merely attach the sprayer and coat the elements equally, then rinse after.

Clogging Caused by Gel Clarifiers

DE Filter

Different types of pool clarifiers also cause clogging such as Sparkle Plus or MiraClear. Both of these are not compatible with DE filters. They tend to congest the filter grid fabric and prevent them from working or flowing properly.

Sparkle Plus is a highly effective and inexpensive pool clarifier. These pool water clarifiers help your pool filters get rid of unwanted contaminants. Instead of using these pool clarifiers, you should opt to use another pool clarifies such as the Filter Perfect as it is DE Filter friendly and will not clog your filter. 

Although all pool clarifiers have benefits to your pool, some may not be compatible with your DE filter. It is why you should always read the label and do research about a product before using it. 

One product might work wonders on some swimming pools and their equipment but may not work as best for yours. 

Clogging Caused by Baquacil

DE filters that are treated with Baquacil or other Biguanide pool sanitizer often experienced clogging. Baquacil sanitizer is a chlorine-free polymeric sanitizer that is effective against a wide range of microorganisms. This sanitizer works in concurrence with the filter to physically eliminate impurities from the water after sanitizing.

Moreover, the stability of its complex chemical structures permits the pool to be maintained appropriately for a long period before requiring additional Baquacil sanitizer to be added. This gives better, and compatible bacteria control and greater proficiency in operation.

However, Biguanides manufacturers required sand filters and not cartridge or DE. It means that their product is not compatible with DE filters which is why it causes clogging. Even if you are using a sand filter on your pool, the maker of the said product recommends changing the sand on the sand filter every one to two seasons.

If you are using a DE Filter, avoid adding Baquacil to your swimming pool. This way you can avoid further problems such as filter clogging. Ask an expert for a recommended alternative that will have the same result as Baquacil. Ask for something that is compatible with the type of filter that you have. 

Additional Tip

To keep your swimming pool looking fresh and clean, always have a routine schedule for sanitizing your pool. Additionally, you have to choose wisely the sanitation products that you will use on your pool. It would also be best to contact a pool maintenance phoenix az and set a regular pool filter cleaning schedule.

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