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Step-By-Step Guide on How to Clean DE Filter

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Step-By-Step Guide on How to Clean DE Filter

Frequently cleaning your swimming pool is the best way to keep your pool healthy and safe for all swimmers. Another way to guarantee the health of your pool is to maintain water level, ensure the skimmers are free from debris and ensure your filters are working properly.

Pool filters come in various types. You might encounter one kind of pool filter is the DE filter or Diatomaceous earth filter. It is a filter that uses soft and crumbly sedimentary rock with fossilized remains. Because of its nature, you might wonder how you will properly clean your DE filter. 

If you plan to clean your DE filter anytime soon, you might want to follow these step-by-step guides in cleaning this type of pool filter. 

Step 1: Backwash the Filter

Backwashing is a vital part of cleaning your DE filter. It is recommended to backwash your DE filter once a month to guarantee your swimming pool is in its optimal health. 

When it comes to cleaning the DE filter of your pool, you must start the process by backwashing the filter to ensure that all debris on the equipment will be removed. 

Step 2: Remove DE Filter Tank Lid

Open your air relief valve on the top and loosen the lid’s collar or clamp. Next, turn on your pump. In this instance, expect the lid to lose, but make sure it is not off. Otherwise, it will cause danger to your pool. You may use a screw version to loosen the lid easily. 

After letting the lid loose, the next you should do is to completely undo the collar and clamp from the tank, lift it off, and set them aside.

Step 3: Remove DE Filters to Be Cleaned

At this moment, you can see your DE filters that need to be cleaned. Don’t be surprised if a lot of stuff is stuck on your filter. After the cleaning process, your DE filter will become like new again.

Following this, you need to loosen and remove a manifold on top of the pool filter. But remember that the manifold might differ in each filter model. 

Next, Moderately grab the filters one by one and carefully lift them out using your two hands. As you pull, release, and lift out the filter, set them aside, and pile them orderly.

If you encounter some resistance in this step, try a different method but stick with what works. Do not compel it too hard as this may damage your filter.

Step 4: Thoroughly Wash and Clean DE Filter Grids and Parts

The best way to get the dirt out of your DE filter and flush out the stain is by using a garden hose. The initiative, spray down the whole surface of each DE filters lines until it’s clean. 

If you do not have enough space for the excess water to flow out, such as a drainage system, open garden, you may spray down the grid of your filters in a large empty trash bin. 

Another thing, be careful while cleaning your DE filter not to bang down or even hit the plastic grid. These filters are not firm as you expect. It might break your filters which can be unrepairable.

As you spray your filter and DE material from top to bottom, you can observe some clean spots and even a light brown or brownish-green stain. It means that you haven’t been cleaning your DE filters for a long time or if there are too much algae in your pool. For best results, soak your filters for deep cleaning.

You can use a DE filter cleaner to get rid of tough dirt and stains on your manifold. It will not only make the process faster but will also ensure that the filter is thoroughly cleaned. 

Step 5: Return DE Filter Grid

If you are done and satisfied with your DE filter after cleaning, return it to your filter tank. Better to rinse your filter tank before returning it. It is not necessary to wait until the filter becomes dry.

At this time, place your DE filters back into their proper positions, then change the manifold the same as you removed it.

Step 6: Add DE Powder To the Filter

Add the DE powder to the filter according to the user’s manual of your filter. Each DE filter model may have various approaches to adding DE powder based on the manufacturer’s order

Step 7: Replace DE Filter Tank Lid

In this last step, you need to ensure the lid is aligned accordingly. You will need a significant amount of pressure to pull the lid back into place.

Key To Remember: Guarantee the o-ring of your pool filter is well cleaned and sufficiently lubricated with a silicone ointment. If your o-ring is damaged, replace them right away. 

Why Is Deep Cleaning of DE Filters Necessary?

DE filters are easy to clean. Many have thought that DE filters are difficult to maintain, but this is not true. It is highly recommended that pool owners clean their DE filters once a year. 

You should also perform complete cleaning and checking of your DE filters yearly. It will keep your pool exceptionally clean and, at the same time, require less maintenance. 

Furthermore, it would be best to inspect your pressure gauge to assess when it’s time to backwash. Remember, the more debris in your filter, the higher the pressure build-up. 

Once pressure builds up, your pump will lose its prime, and worst, your equipment will get damaged. 

Follow the Simple Steps 

Do not get intimidated with the DE filter ever again. What you will have to do is to follow the easy step-by-step guide provided to help you clean your DE filter on your own.

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