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7 Best Salinity Meter for Swimming Pool

Salinity Meter

7 Best Salinity Meter for Swimming Pool

Pool maintenance is a tedious job, and nobody wants to do it, to be honest. It is why pool owners will utilize every device they can get their hands into to simplify the swimming pool maintenance process

Because of this, many pool owners have opted to convert their swimming pools to saltwater systems. Although saltwater swimming pools are considered easier to maintain, you will still need to monitor your water to ensure its correct salinity. 

A low salinity level means that your pool lacks salt, not generating enough chlorine to kill bacteria and algae. 

On the contrary, a high salinity level can cause your pool equipment and pool liners to corrode. Fortunately, there is a salinity meter device to help you monitor salinity in your pool. H1

Here are the top seven recommended salinity meters you can use in monitoring your saltwater swimming pool.

LAQUAtwin Compact Salt Meter-Salt 11

The first list is the LAQUAtwin compact salt meter with model code salt11. This salinity meter is manufactured by Horiba and is best for measuring sodium ions to calculate sodium chlorine present in your swimming pool water. 

The meter uses a sensor to measure solid, powder, and viscous samples directly. It can test even with a tiny amount of pool water sample. 

This salinity meter does not need a breaker to calibrate or measure. You will only need to drop a sample of water into its sensor, and it will automatically start measuring, which can help you save time and effort.

EC-SaltTestr11-Waterproof Salt Meter

If you are looking for a popular option for salinity meter, you might want to opt for the EC-SaltTestr11. This salinity meter is the most popular among all the market’s salt meters. The reason behind its popularity is that it is easy to use and it is waterproof. 

You can let the device float on the swimming pool without worrying about it sinking at the bottom of the pool and retrieving it during testing. 

There is also a bonus feature that this device provides. Aside from measuring salinity level on your swimming pool, it can also read water temperature as you measure the salt on your pool

Ultrapen Pt1 Conductivity, Salinity, and TDS Meter

Next on the list is the Ultrpen Pt1. This product is handy as it looks like a pen, but it can do a lot. 

Aside from it can measure the salinity of your swimming pool, it can also read conductivity, TDS, and water temperature. It is also easy to use. You will only have to dip the pen into the pool and press the button.

You can have the result in a few seconds, and you can rest assured it is accurate. This device is also waterproof, which is why you never have to worry about it falling into your pool. Its electronics are encapsulated with its rugged aluminum body built to be shock-proof. 

Fowinker Digital Salinity Tester For Saltwater

This handheld Fowinker saltwater meter has an LED LCD dual display monitor. The dual display monitor will give you a clear visual reading of your pool’s salinity level and water temperature. It has a sensitive reaction to samples which gives out high accuracy reading. 

The digital salinity tester is also made from high-quality material that is durable, corrosive-resistant, and wear-resistant. This device is not only for swimming pool salinity tests but can also be used for drinking water, aquarium, deep well water, lakes, and ponds. 

If you are looking for a reliable salinity meter that lasts longer, you might want to consider purchasing the Fowinker digital salinity tester. 

IC-ST20S Starterpen Salinity Meter

Salinity Meter

Next on the list is the IC-ST20S Starterpen Salinity Meter, an economical and straightforward salinity meter for your swimming pool. Despite its low price, it accurately reads your saltwater salt levels. 

The manufactures ensure that the materials used for this device are high-quality to make it accurate and sturdy to use. Not to mention that the starter pen is also waterproof, just like its expensive counterparts.

PC60 Premium Multiparameter Pocket Tester Kit

Another multipurpose testing kit for the saltwater pool is the PC60 Premium Multiparameter Pocket Tester Kit

It can help you identify the salinity level of your saltwater pool, its water temperature, TDS, and conductivity which eliminates the need for buying various devices for your pool. 

The device comes in a complete kit that includes the device, calibration bottle, calibration solutions, storage solutions, lanyard, batteries, and a storage case. 

eSeasonGear SALT-3050 Waterproof IP65 Meter

Salinity Meter

Last but not least is the eSeasonGear SALT-3050 salt meter. This waterproof IP65 salt meter tests saltwater swimming pools and koi ponds. 

It provides high accuracy in reading salt content and water temperature to help ensure that pools and ponds have the right amount of salt to make them safe. 

The kit contains a 3000ppm calibration solution if the device needs recalibration for a more accurate result. However, you should ensure that you do not drop the meter on the water even though it is considered waterproof. 

Choose A Salt Meter That Fits Your Needs

These salinity meters are good in quality, but each provides different benefits to the pool owner. It is why you must familiarize yourself with them and ensure that what you choose can give you what you need. 

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