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Tips on How to Properly Carry Out a Pool Maintenance

Tips on How to Properly Carry Out a Pool Maintenance

Owning a pool can both be rewarding and inconvenient. As the owner, it is your responsibility to keep your pool clean and well-maintained. Pool maintenance is difficult which is why a lot of mistakes were made by many pool owners. 

These mistakes that have been made result in a more complex problem. If you are looking for tips on how to maintain your pool properly, you might want to check out the following. 

Skim and Scrub Your Pool Regularly

Make skimming and scrubbing your pool a habit. A pool maintenance will not be complete if you do not skim and scrub. The most common type of maintenance that is regularly done to a pool is skimming.

Skimming is also easy to do. It will usually come naturally as you will never want to see your pool has leaves and debris floating. Although it is such an easy task, it needs to be done regularly which can be repetitive and tiring. 

This pool maintenance should be done daily. If you have extra cash to spare, you can purchase a robotic vacuum that will do this repetitive task for you.

You will just have to place the vacuum under your pool and it will suck all the leaves and debris from your pool. The next maintenance that you must do regularly is scrubbing. 

This task is a bit tedious as it requires more effort and time. Scrubbing the sides of the pool should be your priority to get rid of algae that are building up.

Fortunately, you will only have to do this tiring job once a week. When scrubbing, focus your effort more on the growths and just scrub them with a brush. For the rest of the pool surface, you can just scrub it a little bit just to make it look clean.

Check the Water Quality 

Maintain Pool Quality

The next maintenance tip is to check your pool’s water quality. Make sure that you are adding the correct chemicals to your pool. You must as well check if the chemical levels are just right. Adding chemicals to the pool is a vital part of pool maintenance to make it safe for usage. 

Check if the chlorine level of the pool is consistent all the time. If your pool does not have enough levels of chemicals, bacteria will build up. This build-up will make your pool look musty and is very dangerous to use for swimming. 

You should check your pool water quality at least once a week during the summer and once every 2 weeks during the winter. When checking for your pool’s water quality, you must make sure that pH stays between 7.4 and 7.6. If the pH level of your pool is off-balanced your pool will surely face a lot of problems. 

Clean the Filter, Baskets, and Collection Pots

Cleaning the filter of your pool is also a staple of proper pool maintenance. You must also clean the collection pot as well as the baskets. 

First, the pool filter must be cleaned every two to three months depending on the weather. Every after a heavy storm, it is best to examine the filter. This way you can be sure that the filter is still clean. 

Additionally, you must also clean the collection pot and the baskets of your pool on a regular basis. Get rid of hairs and any other debris on both the collection pot and basket. You must do this every 2 weeks to ensure that your pool will be in a good shape. 

Constantly Check for the Water Level

Aside from checking for your pool’s water quality, you can also check your pool’s water level. If your pool has a very low water level, it will cause a problem with your pump and sometimes cause it to run dry or worst to burn up. 

Furthermore, a high water level on a pool can cause the skimmer door to not work as it should be. This is why you must maintain the right water level in your pool to avoid experiencing problems. 

The changes in pool water level are a normal occurrence especially after a storm, after usage of the pool, and even after backwashing. It is recommended to check your pool’s water level from time to time. Keep your water level halfway on your pool skimmer to ensure that it has the right water level. 

Look For Leaks and Conduct a Repair

Diving in pool

As a part of your pool maintenance, you must as well examine your pool for leaks. A constant drop in your water level might mean that leakage is present. One way to be certain about this is to conduct a bucket test. 

This test is pretty straightforward. Fill up a plastic bucket with three-quarters of water. Mark the water line inside the bucket and place the bucket into the pool. Mark the water line outside of the bucket. Let the bucket float for about two to three days. Once the water inside and outside the bucket decreased at the same level then the cause of water loss is evaporation. 

However, if the water level outside the bucket significantly went down compared to the water inside then your pool definitely has a leak. This is the time where you need to call for a professional to help you fix the leakage. 

Hire A Pool Cleaning Service Company

The most effective way to ensure that your pool is properly maintained is to hire a professional pool cleaning service. These pool experts are well-equipped and well-knowledgeable in pool cleaning and maintenance. 

There is so much more than a pool cleaning company can offer. They can clean your pool regularly, help you in programming your pool pumps, filter cleaning and replacement, and many more. Aloha Desert Pools is a pool cleaning service company that offers not only cleaning but all necessary maintenance your pool needs. 

Our company caters to residents in Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, and Queen Creek. If you happen to live within these areas and are looking for a helping hand in pool cleaning and maintenance, just give us a call and we will be more than happy to serve you. 


Proper maintenance is the key to not only keeping your pool clean all the time but also to the longevity of your pool. If you maintain your pool properly, it will look clean and look good as new for the longest period possible.

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