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How to Program Pentair Intelliflo Variable Speed Pump

How to Program Pentair Intelliflo Variable Speed Pump

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What Is the Pentair Intelliflo Variable Speed Pump?

This product gives pool owners a chance to let their pool water circulate at a low flow rate for a more extended period without increasing energy consumption. Variable speed pumps, in general, are known to be more energy-efficient compared to single-speed pumps. This is the reason why many pool owners in Arizona have chosen to use the Pentair Intelliflo Variable Speed Pump. 

Understand the Pump Panels First

The pump itself has a control panel that emits a green light that signals the presence of electricity to the pump. Just below the monitor of the pump, you will see four buttons labeled 1 to 4. These buttons are used to set up certain speeds and times. 

You will also notice another four buttons at the bottom of the panel. These buttons are for: 

  • The first button from the left is for quick cleaning. As the name suggests, this button is used if you want to clean your pool out of its scheduled maintenance. 
  • The second one is for time out. It will turn off the pump at a predetermined time. 
  • The third is the start-stop button. When you turn on the pump, the light above the button will turn green.
  • The fourth and last button is the reset button. This is what you should press in case of failure. Once you press this button, it will allow the pump to restart. 

The more you use the pump’s control panel, the more familiar you get with its buttons and functions. So it is okay to feel intimidated at first. Soon, you will be surprised by how easy the Pentair Intelliflo pump panel can be operated. 

Steps to Program the Pump

  1. Press the menu button and select Settings. Settings will be the first thing you will see on the menu. 
  2. On the settings, you can set the date and the time of the pump.
  3. After you set the date and the time, you have to scroll again and look for the minimum-maximum. This is the part where you can set up the maximum flow by gallons per minute. 
  4. The next stop is the device. If you are using automation of the pump, it is best to set a name for the device.
  5. After renaming the device comes the alarm log. If you are having a problem with the pump shutting down, this is where you should look for the issue. After you reset the time log, the pump should start again. 
  6. Next is the program 1 to 8. The first four buttons below the monitor that was mentioned earlier are the programs one to four that are used for countdown timers, egg timers, and any other timers. However, programs 5 to 8 are disabled. When you select the program, a drop-down will appear, giving you the option from 1 to 8. This is where you can make and save changes for the timer or schedule you want to set. 
  7. After the program, you can as well change the speed in the settings. For example, in the speed settings, you can change and choose between speed and flow. Once you have decided which one to choose, just press select and then the back button. 

Programs 5 to 8

Programs 5 to 8 of the Pentair Intelliflo have the same functions. It gives you a chance to set a specific water flow speed and schedule. All programs can also be set in the same way. 

On the menu, select the program that you want to set. Once you have selected the specific program, use the arrow up or down to select the speed you want to set. 

After setting the speed you want, scroll to the “set speed/flow” and then press select. Once you have selected it, scroll using the up and down arrow and adjust the pump’s speed or flow settings. Once done, hit save to save all the changes you’ve made. 

After the changes have been saved, you need to scroll down and select “Start Time.” The cursor will automatically highlight the minute column, and you can change the minutes by using the up and down arrow. To transfer the cursor from minute to hour, you must use the left and right buttons. 

When you already set the start time according to your preference, press save. Once saved, you will have to scroll down to the “Stop Time” and press select. Then, follow the same instruction provided for the start time and hit save. Once the stop time has been saved, the last thing you will have to do is to press the start/stop. 

This instruction applies to programs 5 to 8. However, it is recommended that you will only have to set programs 1 to 4 and leave 5 to 8 untouched. This is because even programs 1 to 4 are already enough to create a schedule on your Pentair Intelliflo, and the other programs might be irrelevant. 

Pentair Intelliflo Other Features 

  • Thermal Mode

The thermal mode can be set the same way as the others. You will just have to scroll up and down to locate the thermal mode feature and set it up. Then, you will just have to make the changes that you want accordingly. 

  • Priming

In priming, you will just have to set up the speed that the pump primes so it will not rev up high. 


This is just about all the basic programming you need to know about Pentair Intelliflo variable speed pumps. However, there is still more complex programming you can do on the pump. Aloha desert pool would love to help you set up and program your Pentair Intelliflo to save you time, effort, and inconvenience. 

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