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Pool Accessories and Toys Cleaning Tips

Pool Accessories and Toys Cleaning Tips

Aside from your pool, you will also need to clean your pool accessories and toys. This is because algae and bacterias can live on your pool accessories and toys which can be dangerous to the health of the people using the toys and the pool itself. 

Although it may seem that your pool accessories and toys are easy to clean, knowing some tips can help you ensure that you are doing it correctly. Use this article as a guide when doing maintenance for all of your pool accessories and toys. 

Cleaning Pool Skimmer Basket

A part of 360-degree pool maintenance is the cleaning of your pool’s skimmer basket. If you let your skimmer basket clog up and do not clean it regularly, the efficiency of this pool accessory will decrease. 

To properly clean your skimmer basket, first, you have to turn off your pool pump. Once the pump is turned off, open the skimmer’s lid and remove the basket. You will notice all the debris, leaves, and dirt the skimmer filtered over the past days. 

Remove all the debris from the basket and wash the basket using a garden hose. Make sure that the basket is completely clean and that even the most minor debris was removed. Once you are satisfied with how clean the basket is, slowly put it back into its chamber. Put the lid back and switch on your pump. 

Cleaning Your Pool Inflatables 

Pool inflatable

Pool inflatables are fun, especially if it is clean and safe. Plastic pool toys can be cleaned as necessary, but providing them with a regular cleaning schedule is still a good habit. You can create a safe cleaning agent for pool inflatables at home.

You will need a spray bottle, half a cup of white vinegar, and half a cup of water. Fill the spray bottle with the water and vinegar mixture and mix well. Use this mixture to clean pool inflatables and other pool toys

With this mixture on hand, you can easily clean pool inflatables that are starting to feel slimy and slippery. Because of this, you will surely enjoy your inflatables during your swim even more. 

Cleaning Pool Noodles

Even though the chlorine on your pool sanitizes your pool noodles, mold and mildew will accumulate if it is not dried correctly. This is more likely to happen if your pool noodles are made from porous materials. 

You can mix bleach with water and sponge the solution into the toys to clean your pool noodles properly. Scrub the grime off the toys using a soft-bristled brush, then rinse the noodles using a garden hose. Make sure that the pool noodles are thoroughly dried before you store them. You can let it air dry, or you can use a towel and pat it dry. 

Always ensure that there will be no more moisture left on the pool noodle to avoid the growth of mold and mildew. You must also ensure that you cleaned and dried the insides of the pool noodle properly. It is best to clean your pool noodles four times every swimming season for the best results. After the cleaning, you will surely do a lot of things with your pool noodles.

Cleaning Pool Filter

pool accessories

The pool filter is a vital pool accessory that every swimming pool must-have. It helps your pool clean by filtering all the dirt and debris present in your pool. Unfortunately, because of this, pool filters get too dirty every once in a while, requiring your immediate attention. 

If you do not clean your pool filter properly, it will not be as effective in catching dirt and debris from your pool. There are different types of pool filters available which also require different cleaning methods. 

You must ensure that you should have the proper tools or equipment on hand for the type of filter that you have. You can also hire a pool cleaning service company that will gladly help you with your filter maintenance. It can be done during your pool cleaning maintenance schedule to ensure that your pool is clean inside and out. 

Cleaning Pool Covers

The next thing you should learn is how to clean your pool cover. Every pool owner in Arizona should also own a pool cover to help them protect their pool all year-round. Each type of pool cover should be cleaned differently. 

Automatic Pool Covers

For instance, automatic pool covers are installed on the pool permanently, which is why you will never have to worry about storing them. This means that you will only need to think about the cleaning process. If your automatic pool cover is dry, you can just use an ordinary leaf blower to remove any dirt and debris on the central part of the cover. 

You can then use a broom or a pool brush to sweep the pool’s edges for a more thorough cleaning. In an instance where the pool cover is wet, you can easily clean it with a garden hose. You can use the hose to sweep off the dirt and debris on the cover from one side into the other. 

Sometimes automatic pool covers catch water, and you will need to collect the leaves and debris from the cover using a pool rake. Then, if you start to notice stains on your automatic pool cover, you can just use hand soap and scrub the stain off. 

An automatic pool cover needs to be maintained regularly. Every year, you need to clean the box to avoid a build-up of grime and muck. If you let them accumulate on your box, it will force the motors of your automatic pool covers to work harder. You should also check the motor if it is appropriately greased to ensure that it will work just fine.

Tarp Pool Covers 


On the other hand, you will never have to work hard for the tarp pool cover, and the cleaning process is typically not complicated due to its simple design. You will only have to spray the tarp cover with a hose and wipe off stains with water and soap. If there are stains on the middle part of the tarp cover, you will have difficulty reaching it. 

The trick here is to remove the tarp from the pool and fold it. This way, you can easily get to the stain and scrub it off with soap and water. Always remember not to drag your tarp pool cover when you store it. Always make it a habit to lift it when you bring it from one place to the other. 

Fold the tarp cover into a small section before putting it in a bag. You should also make sure that the tarp cover is completely dry before storing it. Finally, dangle the bag and avoid storing it in the ground to keep it away from any animals that can crawl over it and damage it. 

In Conclusion

Even pool accessories and toys also need to be cleaned regularly and properly. This way, you can rest assured that your family and whoever uses your pool and the toys will have fun without endangering their health

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