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Off-season Pool Maintenance Tips

Off-season Pool Maintenance

Off-season Pool Maintenance Tips

Swimming pool maintenance does not end along with the swimming pool off-season. The maintenance of your swimming pool should be observed all year long, no matter what the season is or what the weather will be. 

Moreover, many homeowners thought that maintaining a pool during the off-season was unnecessary. They thought that draining and covering your pool was enough. 

This mistake that pool owners repeatedly make each year will damage their swimming pool in the long run. If you do not want this to happen to your swimming pool, here are some off-season pool maintenance tips you can follow that are explicitly tailored in Arizona. 

Drain Your Swimming Pool 

The first thing you should do to your swimming pool during the offseason is draining your swimming pool. Check out our other blog on how to drain your swimming pool properly. It is vital that you must follow the steps provided on that blog to avoid damaging your pool.

If draining your pool is not done correctly, your pool might get damaged. Your pool might shift and crack due to hydrostatic if you do not adequately perform pool draining. 

However, it is essential that you drain your swimming pool during the off-season so that you can have the chance to access the pool floor without any difficulty. 

Remember to only drain your swimming pool on a certain level, as draining it empty can also cause damages to your swimming pool.

An empty swimming pool will be exposed, which causes debris to damage the pool’s interior that can rip and tear it. Your pool liner will also be at risk of drying out and cracking due to direct sun exposure. 

Clean Your Swimming Pool Tiles

Off-season Pool Maintenance

Another maintenance tip to do during the swimming pool off-season is to clean your pool tiles. It is when emptying your swimming pool should be done. 

Cleaning your tile is vital in keeping your swimming pool’s overall health. It can prolong its life, prevent bacterial growth, and make your swimming pool pleasing to the eyes. 

Swimming pool off-season is the best time to conduct pool tile cleaning. It is because there will be fewer swimmers who will use your pool due to the cold temperature. Therefore, grab this opportunity to clean your pool tiles. 

Brush and clean your swimming pool floor and walls to prepare for reopening. Once the open season kicks off, you will never have time to drain and clean your swimming pool tiles. Your entire family, along with your guests, will be using the swimming pool all the time. 

Acid Wash Your Swimming Pool 

Since there will be no to minimal usage of your swimming pool during the off-season, you might as well do an acid wash on your swimming pool. However, you should remember that you only need to acid wash your swimming pool if there are stains visible on the pool liner. 

Acid washing includes using harsh chemicals to clean and remove stains on your swimming pool liners. If you want to avoid an acid wash on your pool, you should ensure that it is well maintained. To do this you must ensure that it has a regular cleaning schedule. 

As a rule of thumb, swimming pools should be cleaned once a week. It is to ensure that there will be no build-up of stains on the pool liner. Additionally, only swimming pools with concrete or fiberglass liners can be acid washed. it is because the acid used in this process can damage vinyl pool liners. 

Chlorine Wash Your Swimming Pool 

Off-season Pool Maintenance

Chlorine washing is the best and most effective way of destroying all bacteria and spores in your swimming pool. Suppose your pool does not have any visible stains, opt-out of acid wash and do a chlorine wash instead. 

Chlorine is enough to kill all kinds of algae. Sometimes, algae provide different colors which look like a stain in your pool liner. But when you start pouring chlorine and brushing it, the stain will go away.

Use liquid chlorine with parts water to wash your swimming pool liner. You can do chlorine wash on your swimming pool no matter what liner you have since chlorine is less damaging than acid.

Evenly coat the pool walls and floor with the chlorine mixture to ensure that algae at all sides will be removed along with the bacterias living on your pool liner. 

Clean or Replace Pool Filter

Cleaning or replacing your pool filter is a part of proper pool maintenance. Because you will be doing general cleaning of your swimming pool, it is also best that you clean your filter along with it for complete 360-degree cleaning. The off-season is also the best time to replace your filter if it needs to be replaced. 

Different types of filters have a different ways of cleaning or replacing. So it is better if you do your research and follows steps on how you can clean your filter, whether it is a cartridge, sand, or DE. 

Although you can still do filter cleaning and replacement anytime throughout the year, it is also advised to clean your filter at least once every six months. Most pool owners have time to clean their filters during the off-season. 

Never hesitate to replace your filter any time of the year if it is necessary. Do not wait till the off-season arrives before you start replacing your filter itself and its other parts that are broken. 


Arizona does not winterize swimming pools, unlike the other states in the country. Instead, we take advantage of the off-season to deep clean the swimming pools. After cleaning, we only leave the pool filled with water halfway. 

We do not add winterizing chemicals to the swimming pools in Arizona. It is why pool owners can still use their pool during the off-season, especially after general cleaning the swimming pool. However, many still opt to let their pool rest during the off-season. 

Take Advantage of the Off-Season  

Make use of this time of the year to ensure that your swimming pool is still in good health. By doing the tips provided, you can rest assured that you will be going to have a blast in the coming summer. 

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