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How to Operate the Triton Plus WiFi Robotic Dolphin Pool Cleaner

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How to Operate the Triton Plus WiFi Robotic Dolphin Pool Cleaner

The Triton Plus WiFi Robotic Dolphin Pool Cleaner is one of the best vacuum pool cleaners in the market today. It is easy to use because of its technology. The Triton Plus is automatic, which you can control via WiFi. 

If you plan to purchase this vacuum pool cleaner, here are the steps to operate the cleaner to achieve its true potential.  

Connect the Robot to the Power Supply

The first thing you should do is connect the robot’s power cord to its power supply. When you attach the power cord, make sure to align it properly. Turn the plug clockwise to secure it in place. 

Once the power cord from the pool cleaner is securely attached to the power supply, the next thing you should do is plug the power supply power cable into an outlet nearby. 

Position the Pool Cleaner

After attaching and plugging the power cord into the outlet, place the pool cleaner into the water. Grab it by its handle on the top and put it on your swimming pool water surface. Give it some time and let the air escape the pool cleaner robot and allow it to sink. 

Make sure that you have an excess cord to have enough to go along the robot cleaner as it sinks to the bottom of your swimming pool. 

Power It Up

Once the robot cleaner is appropriately situated at the bottom of your swimming pool, you can now power it up. Click the circular button on the power supply to power it up.

The Triton Plus will go on diagnostics on start-up, but once it’s done, it will start cleaning your swimming from the bottom to the sides without any effort from you. 

You will have to sit back, relax and watch the robotic cleaner as it climbs up and down to the sides of the pool and make it clean and safe for use. 

Schedule for Weekly Cleaning 

One of the most favored features of the Dolphin Pool Cleaner is its ability to be scheduled for a weekly cleaning. Unlike other pool cleaners that you will need to manually operate it a few times a week to make the cleaner clean your pool. 

But with the high-tech feature of the Triton Plus, you can create a cleaning schedule for the robot. It will then automatically turn on by itself and clean your pool without any intervention from you. It is why the Triton Plus robotic cleaner is highly recommended for pool owners who have a busy schedule and cannot spare some time to operate the cleaner. 

Cleaning the Triton Plus Filter

After a few rounds of cleaning, your robot will also need some cleaning. The Triton Plus filter basket can be accessed by opening the robot’s top. This design makes filter maintenance easy and prevents wear and tear of the filter. 

The filter basket also has an easy opening at the bottom to make cleaning quick and effortless. This robotic pool cleaner comes with two filters: fine and very fine. 

The filter basket is huge enough to hold large debris. The filter can easily be popped out of the filter basket for easy cleaning. 

Connecting the Robotic Pool Cleaner to Your Device

If you want to connect the pool cleaner to your smartphone for a more convenient operation, you must download the app first. 

Once you have downloaded the app, ensure that your Bluetooth is active. The app that you downloaded will automatically search for the pool cleaner. Once it finds your pool cleaner a serial number will be displayed on your screen.

Double-check the serial number on your pool cleaner is the same as the serial number displayed on your phone screen. 

Select the serial number, register by providing your email address, and create a password. You will then have access to your robotic pool cleaner through your phone anytime. 

Is Dolphin Pool Cleaner Worth It?

The Triton Plus is a piece of lightweight pool equipment with an ergonomic design that makes it easy for you to handle. It is also energy-efficient, so you do not need to worry about your electricity when you purchase this pool cleaner. 

The robot is ideal for an in-ground swimming pool measuring up to 50ft in length. Although the equipment looks complicated, it is pretty straightforward to use and maintain. 

With this pool cleaner, you can rest assured that your swimming pool is well cared for without the additional fee. 

Although the Dolphin Pool Cleaner might cost you more upfront, all the functionalities and the convenience it provides are worth it. Plus, you can get back what you paid for upfront over time. Expect that you will be saving a lot of money from the maintenance cost and energy consumption.

The Dolphin Pool Cleaner Is Easy to Use

Do not get fooled by how this robotic pool cleaner looks. Even though it might seem complicated to use due to its design, you will realize that it is pretty straightforward to use once you start operating it

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