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When Should You Consider Hiring a Pool Service Company?

When Should You Consider Hiring a Pool Service Company?

Even though you want to be hands-on when it comes to your pool maintenance, there will still be times that you will need the help of a pool service company. No matter how good a handyman you are, there will be pool issues that you could not handle. 

If you only want to call pool service for help if you think the problem is out of your hand, then you must watch closely for tell-tale signs. These tell-tale signs will help you know whether you are really in need of pool service or not. Here is the list of the signs that you must watch out for. 

When You Do Not The Time

No time to clean pool

If you usually do your pool maintenance and repair but do not have the time to do it anymore, it is best to hire a pool service company. It is better to spend more to keep your pool well-maintained than to leave it to be damaged. The moment you decide to have a pool install, you should already become aware of the responsibilities you must fulfill. 

If you think that you cannot find time to keep up with your pool’s maintenance, then you should never hesitate to call for help. Moreover, you should prioritize other important matters in your life than cleaning or repairing a swimming pool. This is why pool service companies are established. They aim to help pool owners maintain their pool while they are busy with their personal and professional lives. 

The Aloha Desert Pools in Queen Creek, Arizona, knows how hard balancing family time and work is. We wanted to help busy pool owners by offering them our services and giving them their free time to spend with their families instead. Once you feel that your schedule is starting to be unmanageable, it only means that you already need the help of a pool service company. 

When You Hear Strange Noises

Cleaning your pool can be manageable, but this is a huge problem when noises start to emerge from your pool. Once you start hearing strange noises from your pool, it is best to contact a pool service company as soon as possible. The very first sound you may hear will be a whizzing sound. 

Although a whizzing sound does not automatically indicate a huge problem, you will never be sure if you do not hire a professional. Let the professional inspect your pool to know whether the problem is just starting or it has already grown big. Any strange noises that come from your pool indicate wall cracks, a damaged pool device, or the weakening of the pool structure. 

You should immediately take action when strange noises start to appear. Once you neglect these signs, you will end up paying a huge amount in repairs or rehabilitation of your pool once the problem will not be contained. 

When Your Pool Water is Always Dirty

pool water

When you notice that no matter how hard you clean and how many times you change the water in your pool, it still becomes very dirty and murky, it is best to contact a pool service company. This is because your pool water changes color all the time when bacteria is present. It can be brownish, greenish, or yellowish, and nobody wants to take a dip in a murky and dirty pool. 

When you feel like you have done everything just to make it look clean all the time, but it seems not working, it only means that there is something you have missed. A professional pool cleaner will instantly know what your pool needs and what it lacks. This is because they have been doing this job for a long time and have already encountered many possibilities. 

If you already feel tired and the pool cleaning tasks seem daunting, then a pool service company would gladly lend a hand or two for your pool maintenance. 

Defective Pool Devices

Another reason why you should hire a pool service company is when you have defective pool devices. All the strange noise and the constant murky water can be an indication of defective pool devices. 

One example is when your pool filter is clogged up, the water entering and exiting the filter will be low-quality. If this happens, your pool water will become dirty quickly despite all the cleaning effort you put into it. 

Because your filter does not work properly anymore, your pool water will surely become dirty again in no time. All the dirt that will not be filtered out will sink into the bottom of the pool and will become sediments. Moreover, a defective pool device will impact the safety of your pool water as it can not circulate properly. 

With this scenario, you will notice that your water is murky and can also smell bad. Once this starts, you should inspect your pool devices, especially your filter. It is also best to let the pool service company handle the inspection and repair instantly when damage is detected. 

When Your Pool Emits Strong Chlorine Smell

pool service company

When your pool starts emitting a strong chlorine smell, it means that your pool is not safe to use. A strong chlorine smell means that the chlorine is trying hard to fight off contaminants present in your pool water. 

These contaminants can be sweat, bacteria, hair and body oil, or body lotion. A safe and clean pool should have little to no chlorine smell. Furthermore, even if you filter or refill the pool water, the smell will still stay. 

This is the reason why you should contact the pool service company near you to check the problem. Once the professionals handle the issue, you can be assured that your pool will be clean and smell great again. Additionally, it will become safer to use by you and your family. 

Start Contacting A Pool Service Company

If you are experiencing one or all of the mentioned signs, you should not hesitate to contact a pool service company to help you out. You can contact us now for a free quotation if you are located within Arizona, particularly within Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek, and Mesa. 

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