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Signs That You Need to Change the Sand on Your Sand Filter

Signs That You Need to Change the Sand on Your Sand Filter

Having a pool provides a lot of perks to you and your entire family. It can be a source of fun and enjoyment for everyone without even leaving your home. However, the fun and enjoyment the pool can bring can be cut short due to an issue with your sand filter. 

The sand on your filter often needs to be replaced as it gets worn out over time. This is why you can notice that your pool gets dirty even if your filter is running. To avoid this to happen and to continue the fun, it would be best if you look for the signs that your sand needs replacing, such as:

  • A slow filter
  • A dirty sand filter
  • A frequent need to backwash
  • Grime buildup on the pool’s bottom
  • Cloudy pool water

Those are the signs that you must watch out for to know that the sand on your filter needs to be replaced. So let us go through each of these signs to dig further into them. 

A Slow Water Filter 

Sand on Your Sand Filter

When your sand filter’s water flow gets lower, it means that microorganisms become too dense, which clogs the filter. This is inevitable as the sand gets old and gets worn out. If this happens, your filter will not be able to filter properly. 

It is best to replace the sand immediately when you start noticing a low flow rate. Moreover, you should make sure that you wash the filter tank properly before you place the new sand inside. This way, you can be sure that any dirt, debris, or microorganism will be removed. 

A Dirty Sand Filter

When backwashing cycles are becoming shorter over time, this usually indicates a dirty filter. First, inspect the filter and see if there is dirt or grease on the sand. If you come to this situation, you will commonly find that the sand is greasy and dirty.

Thus, the need for it to be replaced. During the inspection, the sand looks like sandy lard. This is what hinders the water from flowing through the media. Instead, it will force the water through the sides of the filter and return to the pool without getting filtered.

Backwash Needed Frequently 

Backwashing is carried out to clean the filter. And, when backwashing starts to be needed more frequently than it should, then this clearly indicates dirty and muddy sand on your filter. 

If you need to backwash your pool, you should follow the instruction on your pool manual. This way, you can ensure that you are doing it right. As a result, you will know that the backwashing process is correct. Therefore, the sand needs to be replaced. 

As a rule of thumb, backwashing to clean your filter should be done once a week only. This is regardless of what filter you are using. However, if you noticed that your pool requires you to backwash twice a week, then it means that a problem exists with your filter. 

Inspect the filter and replace the sand accordingly. After that, you will notice that the need to backwash your pool will go back to normal. 

Grime Buildup on the Pool’s Bottom

Sand filter

When grime starts to build upon the bottom of your pool, it means that your filter is not doing its job properly. This grime that is building up on your pool’s bottom is excess dirt that the filter does not remove. 

Usually, a grime buildup indicates that the sand has gummed up. Thus, it could not do its job properly anymore. This is why you need to replace the sand immediately for it to continue its job on 

Cloudy Pool Water

An imbalance of pool chemicals often causes a cloudy pool. However, if you notice that your pool water is still cloudy after you add chemicals and test it, it clearly indicates a problem with your filtration system. 

Cloudy pool water is often caused by worn-out sand. The sand gets worn out over time. This will decrease its effectiveness in filtering dirt, debris, and microorganism from your pool water. 

The sand has these sharp edges that are responsible for catching and filtering dirt from your pool. Unfortunately, these sharp edges will eventually wear out as time goes. It is why time will surely come that your sand pool filter will not work properly in filtering your pool water. 

Sand Filter Are Easy to Replace

But, worry no more. Replacing the sand is pretty straightforward. As long as you follow the correct instruction on how to change the sand on your sand filter, you will surely fix the problem of cloudy pool water in no time. 

There might be other signs that you will notice that indicates a worn-out filter. Just be observant of your pool filtration system and if you notice something odd, start an inspection. 

Closely monitoring your sand pool filter will not only help you know when is the right time to replace the sand on your filter. It will also ensure that your swimming pool’s filtration system is working properly as it normally should. 

When you notice other signs that the sand on your filter needs to be replaced, it is best to write it down. Then, use your notes the next time to know that the sand on your filter needs replacement.

Act Immediately in Replacing your Sand Filter

When you come to this situation, you should replace the sand immediately to ensure that your swimming pool is clean and the fun will never stop. However, to avoid these scenarios altogether, it is required that the sand on the filter gets replaced every 3 to 5 five years. So, what are you waiting for? Start replacing the sand on your filter now!

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