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Step-By-Step Guide in Adding DE Powder to Pool

DE Powder

Step-By-Step Guide in Adding DE Powder to Pool

Investing in a DE filter is very essential especially when you own a swimming pool. But one day you will need DE powder to replace your current DE powder.

DE or Diatomaceous Earth is a soft, siliceous sedimentary rock that is crumbled into powder. DE comes from solidified remains of tiny, aquatic organisms called diatoms, a form of hard-shelled algae. 

When DE is used in a pool filter it is heated and crystallized. It will develop as a chemical agent and it creates poison when swallowed. Considering it is a chemical agent it must be managed properly.

In addition, DE powder is beneficial in every pool. It is because its what is used to coat the grid of your DE filter to trap the dirt, debris, and other small particles. DE filter is considered the most productive type of filter on the market relative to some filters such as sand filters and cartridge filters

This is because it filters small particles and is more concise than other filters. Also, DE powder is literally what filters your pool water in a DE filter.

Purchase the Best DE Powder

Diatomite has small size particles, high volume percentage, and crystalline structure, making outstanding filtration to your pool. Also, it is a very essential and usual choice for pool filters.

Diatomaceous Earth filters are the most popular efficient type of all alternatives. The job of this filter is it catches particles down to three to five microns. This occurs to a high degree or what humans can see, which means your pool is clean and clear.

Using diatomaceous earth filters is very safe for all swimmers, especially for your family. It also keeps the pool away from contaminations. These filters serve as a prevention that pool users will not get sick. Further, the DE filter is reliable, rebuilds constantly, and eliminates carbon dioxide.

Added to this, there is an alternative that replaces the DE powder that has a natural filtration media for swimming pool and spa filters, called fiber clear. This fiber clear is biodegradable, non-toxic to both humans and fish. You can backwash very safely, avoid clog drains or sewers unlike DE, and have fewer costs per application compared to DE powder.

Backwash the DE Filter 

DE Powder

Check if your water looks cloudy and dirty or the pressure gauge rises to 10 PSI. If this happens it is time to clean the grid. Conduct backwashing on DE filters to strip down the current power and put a new coat.

Backwashing a DE pool filter is the act to set back the flow of water inside your filter tank. Do this by switching the direction of the water. Backwashing can reduce the amount of the caking of the DE powder that gathers contaminants from your pool and flushes it out. It will rebuild your filter and make it highly efficient to circulate your pool water and keep it safe and healthy.

Additionally, you should backwash your DE pool filter once a month during pool season. As a reminder, do not perform backwashing if installing a new filter.

Determine How Much Powder to Add

When changing DE filters after backwashing, remember that the usual amount of DE powder added should be around 80% of the recommended amount. For new grids, it needs to use the entire recommended amount. Furthermore, applying too much DE powder will cause a clog of the filter and reduce efficiency. In contrast, it will not eliminate all debris and possible clog of grids caused by the debris.

Wear Safety Gears

It is said that DE is the most effective when dry since the diatoms strenuously absorb unwanted spills and smell. When applying diatomaceous earth it is encouraged to wear safety precautions such as a face mask, gloves, and protective goggles, as it will protect irritation from the skin, eyes, and lungs. It is also recommended to wash hands with soap after handling the chemical

In addition to that, if you accidentally inhale, have contact to the skin and eyes, ingest, and experience medical conditions due to chemical exposure perform first aid procedures. It is also best to call a physician immediately to aid you from these health issues.

Check the Filter Mode

If you are unsure that your filter is properly functioning try adding some diatomaceous earth to a DE filter to test it. The suggested measurement is just a scoop or two cup size into the skimmer. Once done adding, see if you can encounter cloudy water coming back in, otherwise, you have a filter issue and need immediate action.

Another way to check your filter mode is to connect your vacuum hose to a skimmer suction port, you can see if the returns show cloudy water when it comes through. Be reminded, the multiport valve (MPV) must be set to filter mode when trying out this method.

Close the Relief Valve of the Filter

DE Powder

A Relief valve is also known as a hydro-valve, this prevents the groundwater pressure from raising the pool. On the other hand, it prevents groundwater from your surrounding yard from flowing into the pool and alleviates the pressure on the pool structure. It is best to close the valve when the course of water flows out the end of the valve.

Adding the DE Powder

Adding diatomaceous earth powder into the skimmer, always wear your protective equipment such as a face mask that properly covers your mouth and nose. It prevents inhalation that might cause difficulty in breathing or other medical health issues. Once done adding powder, ensure the skimmer lid is properly closed.

Observe the Air Pressure Gauge 

While adding diatomaceous earth, observe and monitor your air pressure gauge. In case it hits the normal operational range, stop adding DE. The usual issue of pool owners that they experience is the DE powder ends up in the pool. 

This occurrence can cause clogging of filters, experience malfunction, or cause cracks to the filters of manifolds or grids. To avoid this problem, make it a habit to read the owner’s manual for the exact range or rather ask a pool maintenance phoenix az to assist you in solving your pool issues like the Aloha Desert Pool.

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