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LED Color Pool Lights

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Ready for a new in-ground LED Pool Light?

All You Need to Know about LED Pool Lights!

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Having a working pool light adds to a great ambiance to your backyard, makes your pool even safer, and fun for swimmers of all ages!  Pool lights, just like any light bulb will burn out or fail and will need to be replaced.  Even LED lights fail over time, sure the lifespan of an LED bulb is a lot longer than a typical bulb but remember your pool light is submersed under water 24/7/365.  So when a light goes out it is not always because the bulb burned out, it is usually because the fixture has leaked and water got to the bulb.

Pool light fixtures are subject to chemicals, sun, kicking (yes, we have all accidently kicked the pool light) and more!  This means that when your pool light stops working, it may need an entire new pool fixture and not just a new bulb!  This is true if you have a regular light bulb, old school pool fixture, fancy LED bulb or just replaced the bulb or fixture!!  Guess the bottom line is there are a lot of factors to why your pool light isn’t working.

I would say the most FAQ when it comes to inground pool lights, “are you able to just change the bulb or does the entire light fixture need to be replaced??”  The second most frequently asked question is, “do I have to drain my pool to fix my pool light??”

In some cases, the light fixture is still in good shape and there are no leaks.  If this is what is going on with your pool, we can simply replace just the pool light bulb and gasket.  This will get your light working in, but please don’t be surprised if the bulb goes out again in months or just a year!  The reason the bulb may go out again, is now that you opened the pool fixture it isn’t going to be as sealed as it was coming from the factory.  There is a chance that the fixture will have a slight leak that is allowing water in and will blow the bulb out!

Do you have to drain your pool to change your light?  Nope!  We can change your pool light from the pool deck or when weather permits, we can get in your pool, go for a nice swim, and change your light!  This is true whether we are changing just the bulb or the entire fixture, either way in most cases you do not need to drain your pool.  Pool lights are enclosed, so we simple turn off the power and take it out of the pool to get it fixed or replaced!  If you are going to attempt to do this yourself, MAKE SURE ALL ELECTRICITY IS OFF!!  Water and electricity do not mix and can cause serious injury or death!!  PLEASE take ALL precautions and make sure all power to the pool equipment and pool light are OFF!! 

Ok, so now you are excited to get your light replaced but hold on!  There is a chance the light isn’t the issue or maybe not the only issue.  To throw a wrench in your pool light replacement project it is always best to also check the electrical breaker and light switch.  In some cases, it is a simple fix at the pool equipment subpanel and your light will be back working and looking great!  In some rare cases it is all of it!  That’s right, sometimes you have to replace the switch, GFCI, light fixture and bulb!  If this is all too overwhelming for you, we can come check it out!  If you live in Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, Ahwatukee, Gold Canyon, Queen Creek, Mesa, or Scottsdale we can diagnose the issue and you can fix it yourself or we can get the repair done for you!

So many pool light choices, what do you go with?  You can go with a traditional white pool light!  Whether it is a new fixture that is needed or just a new bulb, this is the least expensive option up front.  I say “upfront”, because just like any LED light, a LED Pool light will save you up to 50% on electricity and will last much longer than a typical light bulb.   This combination will give you a long-term savings!  So, although the LED may be more up front, you will enjoy the saving for years to come!

In addition to saving, you money on electricity which is on everyone’s mind living in the East Valley, AZ!  LED Pool lights also give you a unique opportunity to have color!  The awesome thing with LED is you don’t have to pick just one color; you get lots of colors!  LED Pool lights like the Pentair Intellibrite Color bulb comes with 5 different colors and allows for light shows (controller or automation required), yup means more money to invest in your pool!  Hayward the other big pool brand also has a great color light and there are many other brands, one we have had great luck with is called ColorSplash!  ColorSplash has a great controller you can add to control your pool light with your phone over Bluetooth connection even if you have a pool without automation!!

We hope this was helpful to get you thinking about your pool light options!  Bottom line is, If your pool light isn’t working or you want to look at upgrading to a LED Pool light color or white bulb!  We can help!  Get in touch with us today!  We are your Arizona family-owned pool service and repair company

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Don’t let friends have Boring Pools!!


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