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Common Swimming Pool Wear and Tear

Common Swimming Pool Wear and Tear

As time goes, your swimming pool will eventually experience some wear and tear. These are damages that are inevitable and are normal due to the age of the swimming pool. However, as the pool owner, you should be aware of the changes or damages to your pool. 

Sometimes, some damages are not considered as normal wear and tear of swimming pools. This is why you must familiarize all the common swimming pool wear and tear to differentiate it, such as: 

Concrete Pool Cracks 

pool lining Wear and Tear

A crack on your concrete pool may or may not indicate normal wear and tear. However, it is why you must be observant of the cracks that are appearing in your swimming pool. Commonly a crack appears as time passes. 

The common reason behind normal wear and tear cracks on your concrete pool is weather or seasonal temperature changes. However, a crack on your concrete pool can also indicate something more serious. Sometimes, concrete pool cracks can be caused by soil shifting if your yard does not have a proper drainage system. 

Therefore, before you build a swimming pool in your yard, make sure that the surrounding area is examined correctly by the pool installer. In addition, you should call for professional help when you notice cracks on and around your pool. This way, you can know whether it is only normal wear and tear or it is caused by something more severe. 

Worn and Torn Pool Liners

Pool liners are expected to be worn and torn over time. Every time you perform an acid wash on your pool, it strips off a layer that reveals your pool liner’s new and fresh layer. Acid washing is a great way to make your pool liner look new without replacing them. 

However, as time passes and multiple acid washes have been done on your pool, the pool liner will start showing wear and tear signs and acid washing will not be enough. When this happens, it is best to replace your pool liner. Acid washing your pool is a good maintenance practice, but the time will come that your pool will require you to replace its liner no matter what.

Moreover, acid wash is not recommended for vinyl pool liners. It is only advised to perform an acid wash if you have concrete or fiberglass pool liners. Vinyl pool liners are the type of pool liner that is highly vulnerable to wear and tear. 

Pool Leaks 

Pool leakage is another common wear and tear that your swimming pool will experience. A pool leak can cause you a lot of money on water bills. It will also make your pool look uninviting due to constant water loss. 

Moreover, a water leak can cause damage to your swimming pool equipment which can be pretty inconvenient and costly. One of the reasons why pool leaks happen is when cracks are starting to form in your pool which we already talked about earlier. 

Other reasons that cause pool leaks are:

  • Chemical imbalance damaging pool equipment that will result in leaks.
  • Aging pool equipment is also one of the culprits. The aging of your pool equipment is also common to wear and tear pools, including damage filtration systems which we will tackle later. 
  • Seismic Pressure is happening naturally underground and is not controllable by anyone.
  • Tree roots from a huge tree near your swimming pool. 
  • Dramatic changes in temperature which is very common in Arizona. 

If you notice that your swimming pool is constantly losing a lot of water even when it is not in use, it is best to inspect the swimming pool and its surrounding area thoroughly. A repair should be done immediately to avoid making the problem big. 

Broken Tiles 

pool tiles Wear and Tear

Some pool owners decide to install tiles on their swimming pools for an added aesthetic value. Pool tiles usually last up to 5 to 10 years but sometimes more, depending on how well you maintain your swimming pool.

But, even pool tiles also experienced wear and tear. Over time, you will notice tiles breaking or becoming loose, which is normal, especially if it has already reached its maximum lifespan. How long your pool tile lasts does not only depend on proper swimming pool care. 

The type of tile used also plays a significant role in your pool tile’s lifespan. Therefore, this is one of the factors you must consider when choosing a tile to install on your pool. Moreover, when you start noticing broken or loose tiles on your pool, you should consider repairing them as soon as you can. 

A broken tile can cause accidents, and loose tiles do not look good on swimming pools at all. You will never have to replace all the tiles on your pool. What you will need to do is to replace all broken tiles and reinstall those that are loose.

Broken Filtration System 

The filtration system of your swimming pool works hard all the time to maintain your pool water fresh and clean to use. This is why one of the common wear and tear of swimming pools is a broken filtration system. 

No matter how well you take care of your pool equipment, it will eventually break down and can no longer serve you. For example, if your filtration system starts to wear out, it will affect the water flow throughout your swimming pool. 

It should be fixed immediately to avoid more serious problems such as damage to the internal engine parts when this happens. The most common filtration issues you can encounter are:

  • Problems on the laterals
  • Plumbing lines issues
  • An issue on spider gasket
  • Grids
  • Pressure control

You might want to check out the mentioned possible issues first, and if you do not see any problems with these parts, it is best to conduct a more thorough inspection of your entire filtration system

Malfunctioning Pool Lights 

pool lights Wear and Tear

Swimming pool lights add beauty to your swimming pool. It also allows you to use it at night. But, just like with any other pool equipment, swimming pool lights also experience normal wear and tear over time. 

Wear and tear on swimming pool lighting is normal. The most common one you will always encounter is worn-out bulbs. These are light bulbs that can not provide light anymore. All light bulbs, regardless of type, do not burn forever. You will have to replace them once in a while. 

Another type of wear and tear on pool lights is the wearing of its wirings. Therefore, you should always include pool lights check-ups on your regular maintenance schedule. Check the bulbs, the housing of the bulbs, the wire, and the circuit. 

Do Not Be Afraid of Wear and Tear

Replacement and repair are part of the responsibility of owning a swimming pool. It is part of the long-term maintenance that every pool owner must do. Do not be afraid of wear and tear on your swimming pool because this is normal. As long as you are doing the maintenance properly and always ready for this time to come, you are covered. 

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