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Ready to experience less harsh pool chemicals and have a softer and cleaner pool experience?!?!

Salt Water Pools have been around for a long time!  As people become more aware and wanting less chemicals in their lives, this is one of the first thing a pool owner in the East Valley will ask about!!  Full disclosure and transparency, Salt Water pools do not remove the need for any other chemicals, and they don’t turn your pool into ocean water!

Pros of a Salt Water System:

  • Gentle on Eyes and Skin
  • Less Pool Chemicals
  • No Chlorine Smell
  • Clearer Pool Water
  • Vacuum as needed

In the Valley of the Sun it is common for our spring temps to come a little earlier than the rest of the world!  What that means is pool owners in the Phoenix area begin thinking more about their pool and getting it ready for family fun and parties in early February!  Add in the chlorine shortage due to COVID-19 and Hurricane Laura it has been a lot more pool owners are looking into turning their regular chlorine pool into a salt pool!

Salt Water means NO Chlorine?:

Nope, sorry to say your pool will still have chlorine in it!  A salt system has a chlorine generator that turns table salt into chlorine to sanitize your swimming pool.

Will my Salt Cell or Salt System work in the Cold?:

Most salt water systems will only produce chlorine (convert salt to chlorine) when water temperatures are above 52 degrees.  The good news is that pools in Arizona need far less chlorine during our short winter temps!  



We can service, repair and install ALL kinds of salt systems! 

Pentair Intellichlor 

Hayward AquaRite Salt Chlorinator 

CMP Powerclean Salt System


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